16 Brilliant Beauty Serums To Try Now

By Nathalie Eleni

4 months ago

Take your skin regime to the next level with these star-performing serums

Looking to improve your skincare? Here, we introduce the best tried and tested beauty serums that will revolutionise your skin routine and leave you feeling refreshed and glowing.

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Spotlight On: The Professional Serum By Calecim

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Face serums have long been popular on the beauty market. Applied before other moisturisers and treatment creams, they contain varying concentrations of active ingredients that tackle specific skincare needs. One such serum we’ve seen trending on the market recently is  Calecim’s Professional Serum, which boasts thousands of active exosomes and growth factors in a few drops.

But why exosomes? Part of the regenerative beauty frontier, exosomes are quickly becoming one of our favourite skincare technologies of 2024. ‘Why is everyone talking about exosomes? Well, they’re new, and what’s exciting is how they encourage older skin cells to act like young ones,’ adds beauty expert Alice Hart-Davis, founder of The Tweakments Guide, the go-to platform for independent advice and guidance on cosmetic treatments.

The Professional Serum is considered the ‘secret sauce’ of medical aesthetic professionals and has been used in clinics for years after skin procedures such as dermabrasion, CO2 laser and micro needling. Patients reported improved aesthetic outcomes and faster recovery times due to the exosome technology that helps speed up the skin’s natural healing abilities. These patients and early adopters of the serum also found it beneficial to their overall skin health and pliability by incorporating a few drops of this Barbie-pink tincture into their everyday skincare. 

‘It’s a stem cell-derived serum,’ explains Dr Tapan Patel, UK’s leading aesthetic doctor at Phi Clinic. ‘All the cells in our body start from a stem cell which contains little packages called exosomes which have all the material required to repair and regenerate tissue. These go into PTT-6, Calecim’s active ingredient. Studies have shown that when PTT-6 is applied to aged skin cells, there’s a 56 percent increase in elastin and 94 percent increase in hyaluronic acid production. That’s phenomenal.’

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Dr Patel offers Calecim in-clinic as an adjunct to his latest laser resurfacing and radiofrequency microneedling treatments that target pigmentation, lines and wrinkles. He also recommends it as a daily anti-aging skincare: ‘We’re seeing obvious improvements in skin radiance after a few months of use and a drop of up to ten or 11 years in skin ageing.’ His observation was made with the use of a hi-tech Visia scanner which can measure signs of ageing and detect damage.

Calecim recommends using the Professional Serum in these three ways:

  • In clinic immediately after a skin procedure, when your skin is prepped to receive all the benefits of these active proteins.
  • At home after an at-home skin treatment such as microneedling or a chemical peel.
  • Daily, before your regular skincare. Just a few drops applied to all the facial zones right down to your neck can help get your skin cells revved up to produce more collagen and elastin, and amp up its repair mechanisms. 

From what we’ve seen, even mainstream beauty experts are sold on it. ‘I use the Professional Serum every other day, which I call Love Potion No 9 because you experience magic with that serum,’ says Desi Stark, an American influencer and YouTuber. ‘It lifts your whole face – everything goes up – and it smooths the jawline which is very important for a lot of people. You don’t have a visible double chin any more. I think it’s the best growth factor product on the market. It will make your skin glow and give you density and a more youthful appearance. I’m close to 50 but people say I look 32 – that’s the magic of skincare.’

Brilliant Beauty Serums To Try Now

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Beauty Serum FAQs

What Are Face Serums?

Face serums are a type of lightweight skincare product that contain a high concentration of active ingredients, like hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid and vitamin C. They’re typically water-based and of a lower molecular weight, with a specific active ingredient selection for a particular skin benefit. They also offer quick and easy skin penetration, making them very effective for use at home.

Are They Good For Your Skin?

Facial serums can be very good for your skin, especially if you choose the right serum for your skin type and concerns. The high concentration of active ingredients can help to improve the appearance of your skin and address specific skin concerns – from hydration, smoothing and plumping to firming, exfoliation and brightening. If you’re unsure which serum is right for you, you can consult a dermatologist or skin specialist who can recommend which ingredients to seek out and avoid.

How Often Should You Use Face Serums?

Most face serums are designed to be used daily, either in the day or at night. As for when to use them within your skincare routine, it’s advised you apply them after cleansing and before moisturiser as serums are lightweight and can penetrate the skin more easily than moisturiser.

Tips For Choosing The Right Serum

Consider your skin type and concerns. If you have oily or acne-prone skin, for example, look for a serum that contains ingredients like salicylic acid or niacinamide; if you have dry skin, look for a serum that contains ingredients like hyaluronic acid or ceramides; and if you have sensitive skin, look for a serum that is hypoallergenic and fragrance-free.

Featured image: Calecim