British B Corp Businesses That Are Changing The World
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British B Corp Businesses That Are Changing The World

Meet the inspiring British brands that are a powerful force for good

With greenwashing everywhere and many companies jumping on the eco-bandwagon without doing their due diligence, it can be hard to know which companies are truly ethical and sustainable – and where’s best to spend your money. Enter the B Corp Certification, a mark only given to companies who have passed the strictest and most rigorous tests to show that they meet the ‘highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.’ It’s about the overall positive impact a brand is making on the world, and is certified by Standards Analysts from the third-party, non-profit organisation B Lab.

What is a B Corp?

A B Corp business is one that’s a bit different from the norm. To gain certification, a business has to demonstrate that it is actively working towards reducing inequality and poverty, building communities and healthier environments, and creating high-quality jobs that give employees dignity and purpose.

To date, there are now 3,500 B Corp companies in 150 industries around the world. The end goal? To transform the business world into one that has people, planet and purpose at the heart of everything it does. ‘We envision a global economy that uses business as a force for good,’ says the B Corp website.

A global movement that grows every year, there’s now some seriously impressive British B Corp brands – from beauty to travel – getting in on the action.

British B Corp Businesses

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Johnstons of Elgin

Scottish woollen mill Johnstons of Elgin has been in business for 225 years, making it one of Scotland’s oldest family-owned businesses. The Royal Warrant holder crafts its products from cashmere and Merino wool, crafted Elgin (Scotland’s only vertical weaving mill) and Hawick mills. As part of its B Corp journey, the brand updated documents declaring its intention to now focus on creating a positive community both within the brand and its local area while having a material positive impact on the environment.

‘Our team at Johnstons has done great work to get us to the point where we could meet the stringent criteria required to become a B Corp and this, in turn, has made us a better company,’ said Chris Gaffney, Chief Executive at Johnstons of Elgin. ‘There remains much work to do, but it is very fulfilling as a Chief Executive and a Board to be so clearly empowered by our family owners to make decisions that will continue us on a journey to becoming a fully sustainable company.’

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British beauty brand UpCircle announced its B Corp status back in November 2022, having just begun its application process nine months before. Known for creating beauty products using upcycled ingredients from various industries to keep its supply chain circular.

‘I cannot express how incredible it is to officially be B Corp certified,’ said Anna Brightman, co-founder of UpCircle. ‘Knowing that the median score for ordinary businesses is 50.9 and that we achieved 96.3 gives weight to our words when we promise that UpCircle is a brand that puts the planet first.

‘Out of all the certifications we’ve applied for, we’re most proud to have been verified by B Lab, because to us, B Corp certification is not just about B Corp certification – it’s about our mission to make the beauty industry accessible and responsible. To call this a significant endeavour is an understatement. We are looking forward to sharing our sustainable and social attributes through the B Corp movement and inspiring our customers. This is only the beginning!’

UpCircle’s Anna Brightman On Becoming A B Corp Skincare Brand

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Stripe & Stare

Designed in London, Stripe & Stare offer knickers with a difference. The B Corp underwear brand makes its pants, bras and pyjamas from sustainable wood pulp modal fabric, mixed with three percent elastane. Unlike most of the underwear you can buy, this means Stripe & Stare’s pants are 95 percent biodegradable – and its B-Edit range is comepletely biodegradable.

In addition to its products, Stripe & Stare also uses compostable packaging, and with every order a mangrove tree is planted in Madagascar.


Aromatherapy Associates

Passionate about the therapeutic powers of essential oils, Geraldine Howard and Sue Beechey founded Great British Brand Aromatherapy Associates in 1985 with a small number of therapeutic-grade products and treatments. Thirty-five years later, the brand is still beloved for its hand-blended formulations, which now encompass everything from candles to hair care.

It became a B Corp in 2020, for its social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency. ‘It’s not just about being best in the world: it’s about being best for the world,’ explains CEO Anna Teal.


Dash Water

Created as a way to help our huge food waste crisis, Dash Water was started by Jack Scott and Alex Wright in 2017. Their vision? To create a healthy and sustainable drinks brand made from sparkling water infused with ‘wonky’ fruit and vegetables which would otherwise go to waste.

The brand also became a B Corp in 202o. ‘Sustainability has always been at the forefront of what we do and we’re proud to have passed the assessment to join B Corp’s global network of progressive businesses, putting social and environmental concerns at the heart of what they do and adhering to strict standards of transparency and accountability,’ says Scott.



Founded in 2019 by Laura Lambert, British jeweller Fenton specialises in ethically and sustainably sourced coloured gemstones as an alternative to traditional diamonds. Customers can select from a varieties of gems, metals and cuts to create their own unique rings.

Fenton was recently awarded the covetable B Corp status thanks to its impressive 10-part responsible sourcing manifesto. The pillars include sourcing from world leaders in ethical mining, and from companies and countries that actively support the local habitat and environment. It’s a game-changing premise – and one that offers an alternative for today’s discerning fine jewellery customers.

bird eyewear


The first and only Certified B Corp eyewear brand in the UK, Bird was founded in Devon in March 2017 by three brothers: Ed, Paul and Lawrence Bird.

It uses sustainable materials such as certified woods, bio-based acetate and recycled aluminium for its frames. For every pair sold, it distributes solar light to remote communities in Africa through its Share Your Sun partnership with poverty and climate change charity SolarAid.

Bird is also passionate about creating a circular economy. While you can compost its biodegradable bamboo and wooden frames, its laminated wood/aluminium frames can be separated and the aluminium layers recycled as normal. It also has a recycling programme, whereby customers can send back old frames and get 50 percent off their next pair.

joro experiences

Joro Experiences

Earlier in 2021, Joro Experiences became the first small travel company in the UK to achieve coveted B Corp status. To do so, the boutique luxury travel brand demonstrated its commitment to reducing its carbon output and working with responsible partners and suppliers.

The brand is headed up by explorer and philanthropist Justin Packshaw, serial traveller Henry Comyn, and Duncan Over, started out in the British Army before managing luxury safari camps in Africa. Together, they craft bespoke, immersive trips for clients, combining a sense of exploration and adventure with a real luxury feel.

Photographer: Matt Waterston



DAME is revolutionising the period product industry. Founded by Celia Pool and Alec Mills in 2015, the British brand invented the world’s first reusable tampon applicator in 2018 (which went on to win a prestigious Dezeen design award) and has followed up with its own organic tampons and reusable sanitary pads. There’s already a waitlist for the upcoming range of period pants.

DAME’s ethos is based on three central tenets: sustainability, accessibility and acceptability – making periods part of everyday conversations. ‘Certifying as a B Corp is so important to us,’ says Pool. ‘It’s confirmation of our founding belief – that to make a lasting and effective positive impact on a global scale, we need to harness the power of business. Tackling social and environmental issues should not be a choice for business, it’s a must. Our planet is under immense pressure. We must act now, there’s no time to waste.’



Cornwall-based Finisterre is a pioneering outdoor brand, started by and for lovers of the sea. Sustainability has been at the heart of its USP since it was founded by Tom Kay in a small surf shop in St Agnes in 2003.

Since then, the B Corp has created its own British flock of 300 Merino wool sheep for knitted jumpers and base layers; created Leave No Trace biodegradable plastic bags; and pioneered a modest Seasuit to encourage more women from conservative countries into surfing. It’s also trying to create the world’s first recyclable wetsuit.



With a mission to create the most effective, natural and sustainable beauty products in the world, BeautyKitchen was founded by Jo Chidley in 2014 after she struggled to find eco-friendly products that actually work.

‘To become a Beauty Kitchen product, it has to do three things: first, it has to really work – because at the end of the day, that’s what we all want,’ says Chidley. ‘Second, it has to get those great results with only 100 percent natural ingredients. And third, it has be sustainable, both inside and out. Every product in our range ticks all three of these boxes and that’s our promise.’


Founder of BOL, Paul Brown, was inspired by a trip to California to do something amazing with food, and encourage people to eat more plants.

In 2015, this ended up becoming BOL, a company that makes delicious tasting, healthy ready meals while also supporting the planet.

Since it began, it has served over 35 million portions of veg, and donated 100 percent of its first year profits to Action Against Hunger. It has also developed 95 percent plastic-free packaging, and is planting the first trees in its BOL forest.

BOL became a certified B Corp in March 2021. ‘Being a responsible business has been part of our DNA since the very start of BOL Foods and everyday is a new opportunity to do our bit for the planet and work on being the very best version of our brand and business,’ says the company. ‘Becoming B Corp was the right “next step for us”, making a formal commitment as a business to protect both people and planet.’



‘Designed for good’ is London-based womenswear brand Baukjen’s motto, and it more than lives up to this ethos. With a strong focus on environmental, ethical and sustainable style, the brand is carbon net-neutral (and en route to being carbon positive), uses at least 90 per cent responsibly sourced fabrics and fibres, and sources ethically produced animal products and vegan alternatives. What’s more, its packaging is completely plastic-free and biodegradable.

Baukjen also champions slow fashion and aims to create a circular industry; its clothes are intended to last for decades, but you can always send back old products for recycling if you no longer need them. All in all, the brand is a real breath of fresh air in the fashion industry, and a role model for other clothing brands.

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