The Trends Taking Over CPHFW Street Style

By Charlie Colville

6 months ago

Copenhagen is setting style standards this season

Ever wondered what the style pack wear for fashion week? While we await the return of the London edition, we’re taking our notes from Copenhagen – where fashion week street style is confirming the season’s biggest trends in real time.

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Copenhagen Fashion Week: The Street Style Trends

1. The Statement Coat

Women in coats outdoors

(c) Tonya Matyu

The last thing the Fashion Week set want to do is cover up a good outfit with a drab coat, and many of them have managed to work around it this season by opting for coats that do all the talking for them. We’re talking floor-length coat, exaggerated puffers, bold block colours, patchwork and even a little faux fur à la the mob wife aesthetic.

2. Triangle Scarves

Woman in black and white outfit leaning against wall

(c) Tonya Matyu

Fashion doesn’t always call for an umbrella – and on days when the weather is wet and windy, as it is in Copenhagen this week, the fashion pack has to get creative. Enter: the triangle scarf. Showgoers were spotted amongst the masses wrapping their scarves over their hair to protect the strands underneath, and the resulting look was giving grandmacore (your grandma, if she had a side hustle as a runway model).

3. Statement Knits

Woman with slogan jumper and woman with Chanel jumper

(c) Tonya Matyu

As for other ways to stay protected from the elements, think closer to home – aka, a good knit. But, take note, these are grown up knits, complete with saucy slogans, luxury logos and cashmere finishes.

4. Print Stacking

Woman in colourful print outfits walking down streets

(c) Tonya Matyu

Goodbye quiet luxury, hello loud maximalism. Copenhagen Fashion Week street style dictated that, even when the skies are grey, bold prints and patterns are in – especially when stacked together in clashing contrast.

5. Bows On Bows

Woman in patchwork coat with bows in her hair

And, of course, one of 2024’s greatest trends had to make an appearance somewhere. The coquettish, girly bow made an appearance on multiple showgoers – mostly tucked into hair, stacked together. We especially love the idea of matching your bows to the colour palette of your outfit.

Featured image: Tonya Matyu