Supersized Bags Are Making A Return This SS24
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Supersized Bags Are Making A Return This SS24

You won't be short on space with these handheld beauties

Bags are making a BIG comeback this year. Long gone are the days of teeny tiny micro bags (for now), as this season we welcome the return of the supersized chunky bag.

Spring/Summer Trends to Look Out For This Year

What Is The Supersized Bag Trend?

If you have your finger on the pulse, you’ll be well aware of a big (literally) upcoming accessories trend: huge handbags. Not only are these bags a statement item for any outfit, they’re also packed with functionality. We’re talking wide, long-bodied, trip-hazard-sized bags that you could squeeze half the house into. The ideal grab-and-go bag.

‘The revival of the “big bag” aesthetic is a deviation from the micro-bag trend that we’ve seen dominate the fashion industry in recent, where you would be lucky to fit more than your bank card in a Jacquemus Le Chiquito,’ explains Hanushka Toni, founder and CEO of Sellier. ‘Now, celebrities have reverted back to wearing over-stuffed, worn-looking large bags – taking inspiration from the Hermès Birkin 35 made famous by Jane Birkin, who famously wore the larger bag in an effortless, undone style and stuffed it so full that the handles became virtually unusable.’

But where does the popularity stem from? Hanushka says that TV is playing a big role in the supersized bag trend. ‘Following the popularity of TV shows such as Succession and Sex and the City – as well as the quiet luxury trend showing no signs of slowing down – oversized “it” bags have been dominating the fashion world,’ she says. Celebrities, spotted in out in the wild, also appear to be driving the trend – or at least an appreciation for The Row’s Soft Margeaux bag. ‘Seen recently on the likes of Jennifer Lawrence, Emilia Clarke and Kendall Jenner, this bag has also helped to catapult the trend, given it was the Olsen twins who made carrying a worn and slouchy Birkin famous.’

Woman carrying Chanel handbag

(c) Sellier

The trend comes hot on the heels of the ‘frazzled English woman’ aesthetic, which stormed the runway last year in the form of chunky scarves and oversized coats – and it seems the trend is making a comeback with this new accessory. ‘The trend is all about looking chic, but undone and with low effort,’ highlights Hanushka. ‘This ties into the “oversized bag” trend because it’s about practicality and convenience. The average British woman will not wear a micro-bag, whereas a large bag, unorganised and stuffed with their scarf, purse, receipts and makeup, will be. They are a by-product of a regular, everyday life.’

In The Resale Space

The trend has also slowly snaked its way into the resale market, where shoppers are looking to vintage and pre-loved renditions of modern fads. ‘Trends often influence the supply and demand for specific items and this is reflected in the resale space,’ confirms Hanushka. ‘Platforms like Sellier are seeing increased interest for oversized bags, as the important aspect of this trend is that these bags must look a little loved. No matter how “worn” a Birkin might look, they will continue to appreciate in value. Therefore, shopping pre-loved is the best way to emulate the look whilst also ensuring you’re buying the best quality and ultimately, an investment piece.

‘At Sellier, we tend to get the most requests for the Hermès Birkin 35 and 40, as well The Row’s Soft Margeaux bag – both of which are great investment pieces,’ she continues. ‘Bottega Veneta’s large Hop bag alongside Goyard’s tote bags are also increasingly popular choices. I expect Phoebe Philo’s XL Cabas bag to also become a frontrunner for the trend.’

As for the future of oversized bags, it’s predicted that the trend will further develop into utility-led designs that don’t compromise on style. ‘I think we’ll continue to see a large sustainable influence on the “oversized bag” trend as fashion trends often revisit and reinvent elements from the past,’ says Hanushka. ‘The Hermès Birkin 35 was released in 1984, yet continues to remain the ultimate “it” bag and status symbol. Big bags offer some much needed versatility and practicality in our accessories, and I expect to see more inventive and convertible designs that can be worn in multiple ways in the future.’

How To Choose A Resale (Supersized) Designer Bag

On the hunt for secondhand luxury? When it comes to shopping resale, Hanushka recommends looking to brands that will appreciate over time – making the purchase a clever investment. ‘Generally, French brands hold their value the best on resale, and so if you’re choosing to partake in the “oversized bag” aesthetic, I recommend purchasing from the likes of Hermès and Chanel, as their pieces are timeless yet can be worn to suit the trend,’ she tells us. ‘It’s not uncommon for pieces from Chanel and Hermès to appreciate in value after they’ve left the store, which makes buying and selling the brands all the more lucrative.’

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