Fisherman Sandals Are The Official Shoe Of Summer

By Charlie Colville

4 weeks ago

We're entering our 'ugly shoe' era with flair

While dad trainers might be all the rage come colder weather, summer has us gearing up for the arrival of a new father-founded footwear staple: fisherman sandals. Once relegated to the wardrobes of grandpas, dads and, well, fishermen, the sandal is now being reclaimed by the style set – sans socks, much to our delight – an can be seen everywhere from runway to high street.

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Fisherman Sandals Are Everywhere Right Now

Nailing your footwear choices during summer isn’t easy. Our usual options consist of trainers, which leave feet a sweaty mess by the end of the day, flip flops, which leave toes vulnerable to the elements (and the stomps of fellow commuters), and ballet flats, which fall somewhere in the middle. None of the above sound particularly appealing when the weather hits 30ºC, especially when it comes to venturing across the city, and through the London Underground. Cue, a trusty pair of fisherman sandals.

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Designers across the board have given their blessing to what we once might have considered an ‘ugly’ dad shoe, transforming the fisherman sandal into the season’s most coveted wardrobe piece. There’s The Row’s (who also coined the 2024 revival of the jelly sandal) minimal take, Prada’s logo-driven design and Gabriela Hearst’s sleek slip-ons – although the editorial team at C&TH finds itself drawn to Ancient Greek Sandals and its recent collection of jellified fishermans.

The perfect blend of style and practicality – covered toes, breezy cut-outs and, importantly, a fashion industry-approved design – these sandals are the ultimate summer staple if your plans involve anything more than setting up camp on the beach. These are the shoes you’ll want to wear on city breaks, to picnic in the park and midday brunch dates, as well as while running errands throughout the day. Goodbye, mules. So long, slingbacks. Summer’s new fashion shoe is here.

White jelly sandal

Ancient Greek Sandals

Homeria Jelly, £155

Black sandal

The Row

Fisherman Sandal, £920

Brown suede fisherman sandals

Dr. Martens

Wrenlie Bronx Suede Sandals, £150

Brown shoes


Leather Sandals (Size EU 38), £115

Black shoes


Leather Sandals (Size EU 42), £710.64

Metallic shoes

Russell & Bromley

Siracuse, £275


Featured image: Ancient Greek Sandals