Looking For A New Hunting Jacket? Here's Where To Get Yours
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Looking For A New Hunting Jacket? Here’s Where To Get Yours

These coats have got game

On the hunt for some country clothing? When it comes to hunting jackets, it’s important to find the right balance between functionality and style – the art of hunting encourages that you look and feel good. Here’s the C&TH guide to finding the perfect hunting jacket, as well as the best brands to shop with.

What Is A Hunting Jacket?

Specially designed for hunters and shooters, a hunting jacket (or shooting jacket) is a more functional take on the traditional jacket. Tailored to the outdoors, these jackets typically come with features like insulation and waterproofing to battle the elements, as well as stylistic details like neutral or camouflage colourways to help the wearer blend into the natural environment.

Are they Waterproof?

Yes, hunting jackets are usually waterproof – but it’s best to double check the product details before buying.

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What To Consider When Buying One


First thing’s first, consider the colour. Hunting is a sport that requires you to blend into your surroundings while tracking game, meaning you need to wear attire that won’t visually give you away. Avoid super bright colours and instead stick to neutrals or, if you fancy it, camouflage.

Weather Resistance

The last thing you want is a jacket that lets all the rain in, especially if you’re hunting in the UK. Opt for hunting jackets that are both waterproof and water-resistant to help keep you dry, as well as wind-resistant so that they can block out any harsh cold or chill.


Chances are you’ll need more than one set of pockets while hunting, so make sure you keep an eye out for jackets that suit the kind of hunting you’ll be partaking in – whether that requires radio pockets, ammunition loops, high visibility details (for nighttime excursions) or full camouflage is up to you.

Fit & Comfort

At the end of the day, you also want to make sure you’re comfortable in your hunting jacket. Since you’ll be spending a lot of time outdoors in unpredictable weather conditions, make sure you choose a jacket that allows for layering underneath, a hood (did we mention it rains here?) and maybe even a few vents for breathability.

The Best Brands That Make Hunting Jackets

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Holland & Holland

Holland & Holland

Best For: Shooting jackets

This London gunmaker doesn’t stop at making sporting shotguns and rifles – Holland & Holland also specialises in shooting regalia, from tweeds and polishing cloths to leather accessories and clothing. The brand’s hunting jackets are created with field sports in mind, are often waterproof, lined with fleece (for colder climes) and and feature expandable pockets for storing cartridges.


Farlows man woman and dog in field - British Sporting Brands


Best For: Heritage styles

Made in Britain, Farlows goods are infused with homegrown style and craftsmanship. The brand has been making hunting gear since 1840, and its jackets are defined by a combination of classic designs and cutting-edge technology – think performance fabrics, waxes and tweeds, and stylish silhouettes.


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Best For: Stylish hunting attire for men and women

You can pick up a range of classic sporting kit (including hunting jackets) from bespoke gunmaker Purdey – from breeks and layering knits to technical shooting outerwear. Here you’ll find hunting jacket for men and women, designed to be hardy against the weather and featuring large cartridge pockets.


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Ridgeline Clothing

Best For: High performance

New Zealand-founded label Ridgeline Clothing is renowned for creating designs that can withstand tough conditions and wet weather, with garments that focus on functionality and protection. A favourite amongst outdoor enthusiasts is the Monsoon range, which is made up of rugged clothing suitable for rough shooting and hunting activities.


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New Forest Clothing

Best For: Range of styles and brands

Country classics come in spades at New Forest Clothing, which offers everything from wax and tweed jackets to blazers and coats. Here, you’ll find a range of popular country sporting labels – including Barbour and Ridgeline – as well as its own line of clothing for outdoor sports. The brand also prides itself on being affordable, so expect competitive and accessible pricing.


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Schöffel Country

Best For: Style and substance

Having spent over 200 years in the outdoor clothing game, Schöffel Country is one of the biggest go-to brands when it comes to sourcing country sports attire. Offering a range of hunting jackets and shooting coats, the brand caters to men and women and specialises in high-quality, high-functioning designs.


Barbour jacket


Best For: Classic waxed jackets

Traditional hunting attire usually consists of a waxed jacket – and where best to find them than at the original country style brand, Barbour? The brand’s waxed jackets are legendary, presenting the perfect combination of style and substance with designs that are durable, water-resistant refined (a feature that style-savvy hunters usually appreciate).


Featured image: Purdey