Going For A Run? Not Without These Must-Have Accessories

By Charlie Colville

2 months ago

Run, don't walk, to get your hands on these marathon-approved finds

Picture this: you’re out on a run, your feet pounding on the ground, the wind whipping through your hair – and the awkward bounce of your bag at your side. It’s not an ideal situation, but you need somewhere to keep your stuff, right? But you don’t have to rely on a beat-up tote bag to keep your stuff together; there are plenty of shortcuts and handy storage solutions you can take with you instead. Whether you’re new to the sprint or a pro marathon runner, these are the best running accessories to have to hand during your next workout.

Must-Have Running Accessories

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Running Shoes

The first thing you’ll need on a run is a good pair of shoes. Proper running trainers, with cushioning, flexibility and traction, are a must – you want your footwear to support you throughout your run, so that you stay comfortable and minimise the possibility of injuries.

GPS Watch

If you’re trying out a new or unfamiliar route, the last thing you want is to be holding up a phone (aka, the modern map form) in front of your face. A smart watch with a GPS feature will help you manoeuvre through your environment with a quick flick of your wrist – while also tracking your progress and stats.

Sun Protection

Whatever the weather, you’ll need to protect yourself from the elements – especially the sun. Layer up with a cap, sunglasses and plenty of SPF so that you can run without the risk of sunburn (or having to squint through the action).

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Whatever the exercise, you need to make sure you’re drinking plenty of water. Running and sweating increases the amount of fluid we need, meaning you need to make sure you’re topping yourself up with a drink when you can. Handheld water bottles and hydration tablets are a great solution if you plan to take a longer route and need something to take on the go.


While listening to the sounds of nature can be nice, many of us find it difficult to get through a run when it (and the sound of our breathing) is the only thing to concentrate on. Connect a pair of wireless (aka, hands-free) headphones or earbuds to your phone and let your chosen playlist, podcast or audiobook carry you through your workout.

Hands-Free Accessories

Speaking of hands-free, chances are you’ll need somewhere to put all of these running accessories. Running vests, arm straps and bumbags all offer great means of storing items away on your person while you run, and offer varying sizes of storage so you can take your pick of marathon extras.

Our Pick Of The Best

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