The Vivienne Westwood 2024 Bridal Collection Is Here – And It Doesn’t Disappoint

By Charlie Colville

5 months ago

The theme this year is 'affinity'

A message for all of our brides-to-be: Vivienne Westwood 2024 Bridal is here. Read on to get a sneak peek of the label’s new Couture and Made-to-Order collections – and find out where you can shop them.

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Vivienne Westwood Bridal 2024

We’re no stranger to the punk elegance of a Vivienne Westwood collection – in fact, we crave the arrival of the next one just as much as we cherish those that have come before it. For the brand’s 2024 Bridal collections, the Vivienne Westwood team looked to the concept of ‘affinity’ (a word meaning an inherent like for something, similarities between two related things or a marital relationship) and what it means to the individual.

Inside The Collections


People in dresses and suits

Vivienne Westwood Couture Bridal 2024

This year, Vivienne Westwood chose to take its bridal offering to Paris, shooting a series of black-and-white portraits depicting ‘real people, each captured with an intimate view on companionship and marriage.’ Telling stories of love, the portraits show how affinity manifests – with a person, an abstract feeling, an object or a belief.

The collection is comprised of 10 couture looks, ranging from dinner suits and ornate corsets to full, sculpted dresses. Shot in black and white, the campaign features ordinary people like Jordan and Marco, who are seen at home expressing their love for each other and the space they share while wearing an ivory dinner suit and a lace corset dress. In contrast, artist Tali appears alone in her studio, alluding to her solitary life as a painter and the value she places in her internal world, wearing a scallop Chantilly lace corset mini dress with hood and fingerless gloves.

Woman with cape veil

Vivienne Westwood Couture Bridal 2024


Similarly shot in Paris, the 2024 Made-to-Order Bridal collection is comprised of 14 looks that continue the campaign’s narrative through more classic styles. Highlights include the Daria gown, an interpretation of Vivienne Westwood’s AW22/23 runway bridal look complete with a deep v-neck corset and fishtail skirt, and the Vaida gown, which showcases a new experimental pattern ctting technique designed to emphasise drapery across the bodice and hips.

Models in wedding dresses

Vivienne Westwood Made-to-Order Bridal 2024, Vaida

Vivienne Westwood also continues to lean into more transformational looks, as the collection includes six styling pieces and 14 accessories that can be added or taken away from the final look. Think detachable trains, big puffy sleeves, gloves, veils and even a new blouse; the fichu blouse comes complete with sleeves and a hood in a choice of sheer fabrics like tulle or lace, which help create the illusion of a veil.

As with the brand’s previous Made-to-Order bridal collections, this year’s edition has been crafted using carefully selected fabrics ‘chosen for their ability to consistently deliver reduced impact and increased benefits for the climate, nature, and people against the conventional industry equivalent.’ These materials include a recycled nylon lace, crepe satin, organic double georgette silk, soft stretch satin and hard stretch satin sourced through specific forestry standards. Keeping things close to home, the Vivienne Westwood team also made sure to design, sample and hand-craft the collection in England.

Model in wedding dress

Vivienne Westwood Made-to-Order Bridal 2024, Daria

Where To Shop Vivienne Westwood Bridal

The Vivienne Westwood 2024 bridal collections will be available to shop at the following boutiques:

  • London: 6 Davies Street
  • Paris: 175 Rue Saint-Honoré
  • Milan: Corso Venezia, 25
  • New York: 14 E. 55th Street
  • Los Angeles: 8320 Melrose Avenue

You can browse the Vivienne Westwood 2024 Bridal collections in full at

Images courtesy of Vivienne Westwood