Vivienne Westwood Is Using Technology To Drive Positive Change
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Vivienne Westwood Is Using Technology To Drive Positive Change

Vivienne Westwood is a Great British Brand 2024

Vivienne Westwood is an entry in our Great British Brands 2024 book. 

Vivienne Westwood: Great British Brand 2024

‘Vivienne Westwood started as a family and has maintained this approach. We work as a team – we are open, human. Everybody that works here contributes to what we do – it’s democratic. Young people understand our way of communicating: it’s direct, it’s personal. We have a genuine sensibility to people and with what’s going on in the world. We are not just about selling products. 

‘The more technology advances, the more human touch is relevant. In the last 15 years, the world has changed more quickly than over the last 200. Humans are incredibly complex, we made industry – the wheel, horsepower – we will always be in control. We must drive technology – not let technology drive us. 

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‘AI can free up valuable time to focus on more critical and creative aspects of work, however it’s important to remain informed of how and why we would introduce AI, blending it with our current processes and ideals. This synergy of technology and talent will allow us to innovate whilst supporting the reduction of our carbon impact in the future. 

‘We have started a traceability pilot and are working to analyse the full life-cycle and impact of each stage of the production of our garments – technology can help us achieve this and will hopefully support us in our aims to implementing a carbon reduction strategy. We are also constantly looking for technological innovations and new developments in material, such as leather alternatives and textile recycling. 

‘The market and influences have changed. It was once influenced by fashion publishing groups, but now it is the young consumer who turns directly to the product without intermediaries. Today, being commercial is not like before – the market is more selective. Years ago, there were more products than customers, now it’s the opposite. If your product isn’t good, you won’t sell.’ 

Carlo D’Amario, CEO

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What I’ve Learnt…

  • I studied philosophy at the University of Milan where I learnt how the economic system worked.
  • Elio Fiorucci was the maestro. He taught me the importance of fashion.
  • I learnt from Giorgio Armani that the more creative you are, the more structure you need. He taught me that every shirt is a brick to building your maison.

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