10 Stunning Winter Wedding Dresses

By Charlie Colville

7 months ago

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If your upcoming nuptials will take place in the depths of winter, then the weather is definitely something to keep in mind (unless  you’ve planned a sun-soaked destination wedding) when shopping for your dress. We’ve done all the hard work below with our checklist of things to consider when shopping for winter wedding dresses.

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What To Consider When Shopping

Warm Fabrics

Regardless of whether you’re going to be indoors or outdoors on your big day, you’ll want to stay as warm as you can – goosebumps don’t look the best in wedding photos, after all. That means you’ll want to ditch sheer fabrics (as pretty as they are) in favour of heavier materials like silk mikado, velvet and brocade.


Sleeves can give your gown a sophisticated boost (think Kate Middleton), while also infusing your bridal look with a bit of extra warmth. If you’re not sure whether you want to commit to sleeves, there are also plenty of bridal shops that offer detachable options – so you can pull on your sleeves while taking pictures outside and then pull them off before making your to the (much warmer) dance floor.

Layers & Separates

When in doubt, layer up. Layers that you can pile on and take off will give your bridal look a bit more flexibility throughout the winter months, while avoiding any comfort compromises on the overall outfit. Think faux fur wraps, shawls, capes, gloves or even a thicker veil.

Separates – individual bodices, skirts and add-ons – can also help create a few more warming layers for your outfit.

A Second Dress

If you’re heart is set on a dress that isn’t best suited to the elements, you can always split your bridal look into two dresses – one thinner (best for the parts of the day spent indoors) and one thicker (for any outdoor activities planned). That way you can have your bridal moment while not spending the whole day feeling like a walking icicle.


Winter tends to coincide with festive party season, meaning all things shimmery will likely be on trend at this time. If you’re considering adding a touch of sparkle to your bridal ensemble, consider something like a beaded bodice, sequin-adorned sleeves or extra glittery accessories like pins, tiaras and necklaces.

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