We’re Crazy About New Eco Jewellery Line GAIA, By Skydiamond

By Amy Wakeham

2 months ago

Designed in collaboration with supermodel Lily Cole

Inspired by the Greek goddess of the same name, the new GAIA by Skydiamond jewellery line was designed by activist and supermodel Lily Cole alongside revolutionary, UK-based created stone company Skydiamond

The Story Behind GAIA By Skydiamond And Lily Cole

GAIA cord choker, £1,500

Topping our summer 2024 jewellery wishlist is the new GAIA collection from Skydiamond, designed alongside environmental activist Lily Cole. She was inspired by the Ancient Greek goddess of the same name, and the idea of everything on earth being connected.

‘“Gaia is a tough bitch” So said the biologist Lynn Margulis reflecting on the Gaia theory she developed with James Lovelock, a scientific theory that understands Earth as a self-regulating system, chiming with the ancient idea that everything is connected,’ says Lily. 

‘The Gaia collection speaks to that vision of interconnection: made through an alchemical blend of air and rain from the sky to make the Skydiamonds, and recycled gold. What do we take and what do we give when we make things? We must never forget we are entangled with the planet.’

The collection consists of nine pieces, which feel resolutely modern, cool and contemporary: earrings, pendant necklaces, rings and a body chain, all set in recycled 18 carat gold featuring H+ VS2 claw-set, marquise cut Skydiamonds, mounted upside down. Its central motif is a gold globe, split open to reveal a marquise cut Skydiamond suspended in a deep black rhodium plated space.

GAIA bodychain, £6,000

‘In designing the collection, I took inspiration from the work of Swedish artist Hilma af Klint,’ continues Lily. ‘I wanted to set the stones upside down, to reflect the geometry of Hilma’s work, and also suggest the ancient Hermetic concept “as above so below, as within so without”. The Skydiamond is nestled inside, like a secret, a promise, being held by the jewellery. The black rhodium symbolises the black of carbon and highlights the light of the diamond. The colours also play on the implicit duality in my name: hard black coal alongside delicate white lilies.’

Skydiamonds are unique as they’re made in the UK in a carbon negative process that’s achieved through their production menner, rather than off-setting. The created stones are made from a combination of carbon taken from the atmosphere, wind, sun, and rain, and the laboratory process powered by renewable energy.

‘I wanted to work with Dale Vince and Skydiamond as their work is an incredible example of the “wizard” approach to environmentalism – focusing on innovation rather than abstention or behaviour change’ says Lily. 

She continues: ‘Our earth is resilient if we redesign our systems to work with it. People like buying and wearing jewellery; they have done so for thousands of years! So how do we make jewellery without it costing us the world? Is there a way to design products so they give back in the process? Can businesses contribute solutions, rather than perpetuate problems? These are the questions Dale sought to ask and answer in founding Skydiamond, and it’s beautiful to see them realised.’ 

Find out more at skydiamond.com