The 90s Flicked Bob Is Making A Comeback – Here’s How

By Charlie Colville

1 month ago

90s nostalgia is thriving

So, the 90s called, but it doesn’t want its hair back – and, truthfully, we’re not willing to give it up. The latest trend to spring from the decade? It’s one for the short-haired girlies: (re)meet the 90s flicked bob.

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What Is A 90s Flicked Bob?

As the name suggests, a 90s flicked bob consists of a bob haircut, with the end styled to curl upwards in ‘flicks’. There’s no strict length on this hairstyle – but generally it sits somewhere between the shoulder and ears like a generic bob would – and, from what we’ve seen, it can be worn with both a middle and side parting. ‘The 90s flicked bob is an ode to the classic yet cute bob of the 1990s, which was made popular by style icons like Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz,’ says Francesca Spirito, a stylist at Neil Moodie Studio.

The trend comes courtesy of a huge 90s revival, spanning all the way from hair and fashion to the unwavering popularity of TV shows like FriendsBuffy and Sex and the City. But where did the flicked bob come from originally? The cut itself dates back to the 1920s, where very early renditions of the cut fell just below the ears and played a big role in the flapper look. Fast forward to the 1960s, however, and you begin to see something a little more similar to what we’re more familiar with – albeit with a lot more volume (think Jacqueline Kennedy and Mary Tyler Moore).

And then we have the 90s flicked bob, which brought more of a minimalist approach to the hairstyle – think super sleek, with blunt ends that formed wide flicks. That too, however, gave way to a newer take in the noughties, which saw the addition of chunky layers, highlights and butterfly clips.

Cameron Diaz in My Best Friend's Wedding

Cameron Diaz as Kimberly Wallace in My Best Friend’s Wedding © 1997 TriStar Pictures, Inc. All Rights Reserved. (Courtesy of Sky)

And now, it’s making yet another return to mainstream salons – although it’s the 90s rendition that seems to be the popular pick. This is no doubt partly in thanks to generation TikTok; the platform has become something of a hotbed of nostalgia, with searches for ‘90s haircut‘ and ‘90s aesthetic‘ accumulating a shared 228.4 million views on the app. ‘I think 90s trends will always make a comeback,’ says Francesca. ‘This look in particular is old school, yet chic – and with the bob back on trend, we are starting to see it more on celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Keke Palmer and America Ferrera – who all make a brilliant case for that fierce flick.’

Who Suits This Haircut?

Since this is a hairstyle that places all it’s emphasis on the flick, the rest of the cut is very much up for interpretation – as long as it’s a bob, of course – meaning there’s a lot more flexibility when it comes to trying it out. ‘I think anyone can pull this look off,’ agrees Francesca. ‘It just may need to be altered depending on a person’s face shape – you can decide if it needs to be longer at the front, or have more of a face frame look – but this can be discussed with your stylist.’

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How To Ask For A 90s Flicked Bob In The Salon

When it comes to requesting a 90s flicked bob at the salon, Francesca suggests ‘asking for a bob that flicks and is easy to style. You should also be prepared to have to style your hair more than you would usually, as it can be a heavily styled look depending on your hair type.’

It’s also good to make sure you leave enough time to discuss the look you want to try ahead of any actual trimming, so ask for a quick consultation beforehand and bring plenty of reference photos that your stylist can look through.

How To Style A 90s Flicked Bob

Good news: this is a hairstyle that can be mastered pretty quickly. ‘Styling a bob seems a lot more complicated than it is,’ says Francesca. ‘To get those signature flicks, you can use a round brush or hot tool to curve the ends of the hair up.’ Below, we break down the steps:

  1. To wet hair, apply a volumising spray or mousse (this will help create more texture).
  2. Then blow dry the hair sing a round brush, flipping the ends outwards as you dry. To avoid hair looking flat on top, you can also lift at the roots with your brush.
  3. Once dry, you can also use a a curling iron or wand to gently curl the ends outwards, to better define the flick.
  4. Seal it all in with hairspray.
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The Future Of The 90s Flicked Bob

Can you revolutionise what is now considered a classic? Francesca thinks so. She suspects that this neat and tidy hairdo will eventually be reimagined on longer, grown-out bobs – think a flicked lob. ‘I think this style will evolve into a mid length look,’ she confirms. ‘This will give it some longevity even after the bob grows out.’

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