Hailey Bieber Has Spoken: Aperol Spritz Makeup Is The Next Big Beauty Trend

By Charlie Colville

4 weeks ago

Spritz season is here

The (TikTok) queen has called it – strawberry girl season is over. It’s time to put down your go-to rosy-hued compact and reach for something a little zestier this summer. We’re of course talking about the latest Hailey Bieber-approved beauty trend, Aperol spritz makeup.

A pivot from last year’s emphasis on petal pink, rouged cheeks, this trend opts for blush that boasts a rich orange hue – taking its cues from one of summer’s favourite cocktails. Where strawberry girl gave us that fresh summer flush, Aperol spritz makeup transports us straight to golden hour (preferably with a glass in hand).

‘Aperol spritz makeup is the latest buzz in beauty trends,’ says TikTok beauty creator @svalabb. ‘If you love that tangy summer cocktail as much as I do, then get ready to sip on some style. Picture this: sweet, bitter oranges, a hint of rhubarb, a sprinkle of secret herbs and spices… all captured in this refreshing and brazing makeup look.’

@svalabb Aperol spritz inspired make-up the reigning queen of summer 2024 ? What do we think ? 🍹☀️ #aperolspritzmakeup #makeup #summer2024 #fyp ♬ love nwantinti (ah ah ah) – CKay

What Is Aperol Spritz Makeup?

Coined by trend trailblazer Hailey Bieber, Aperol spritz makeup is all about channelling the cocktail’s signature zesty tones in a dewy, summer-ready beauty look. Speaking to Glamour in a recent interview, the model and entrepreneur said of her most recent line of pocket blushes that she ‘want[ed] people to put it on and think, “There’s an Aperol spritz”… Maybe that’s it – it’s Aperol spritz makeup next.’

And the internet are taking her words to heart this summer.

‘What with the strawberry girl aesthetic, latte makeup and glazed donut skin trends taking over BeautyTok in recent months, it’s only right that cocktail-inspired makeup is the new IT girl beauty trend now that summer has landed,’ agrees Aimee Connolly, MUA and founder of Sculpted by Aimee. ‘This comes off the back of Hailey Bieber’s prediction for Aperol to be the centre of the next big blush trend. And given her followers’ devotion to her previous viral “strawberry girl” and “sugar plum” aesthetics last year, I don’t doubt we’ll see cocktail-inspired makeup have its moment for this summer’s beauty looks.

Peach fuzz was named the colour set to rule 2024, and it makes sense this has transported into beauty,’ she continues. ‘And what better cocktail than an Aperol spritz to inspire orange-toned makeup looks?’

Where To Apply Aperol Spritz Makeup

The main focus of Aperol spritz makeup is blush, Aimee tells us, meaning that the main points of placement will be on the cheeks. ‘I would recommend placing the orange and pink elements of your blush look on the higher points of your complexion for a lifting effect,’ she advises. ‘This makeup look is quite easily adapted, meaning it will suit pretty much any face shape.’

What To Use

While orange is the main hue in this makeup look, it should be blended with a variety of similar Aperol-esque shades to create a more sculpted effect. ‘I’ve spotted more beauty creators opt for blush to sculpt and contour this summer – the trick is to use different blush shades to create dimension to enhance your natural features,’ shares Aimee. ‘When recreating Aperol Spritz makeup, think sunset hues of orange, peaches and vibrant pinks, alongside dewy, glossy skin for a golden-hour glow.

‘Opt for oranges and deeper tones of pink – cream formulas will work best for maintaining gorgeously dewy skin to champion an inner glow,’ she continues. ‘Liquid blushes and highlighters will be your best friend for any sun-kissed makeup look this year, adding a seamless, flush of colour to the highpoints of the face and even a sweep over the eyelids.’

Liquid blush

Sculpted by Aimee

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Cream Blush In Papaya, £14

Orange compact | Aperol spritz makeup

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How To Recreate The Look At Home

So, now we’ve got the product – how should we use it? ‘To tap into the sunset blush technique, my top tip would be to blend two to three blush shades to create a gradient,’ explains Aimee. ‘Use a deeper, cool toned blush towards the contouring area and a brighter, more vibrant shade on the apples of the cheeks. Finish with a gold-toned highlight just above your blush placement for added radiance.’

But, as with any other beauty trend, the key is to experiment until you feel happy with the finished makeup look. ‘There’s really no rules when it comes to our appetite for recreating food and drink-related makeup looks,’ emphasises Aimee. ‘It’s really a chance to spark some creativity and try something new when your usual makeup routine gets repetitive.’

Can It Be Adapted For Different Skin Tones?

‘Being a blush trend, Aperol spritz makeup works for any skin tone as long as you’re using the right blush shade for your complexion,’ Aimee confirms. ‘For paler skin with cool undertones, peach and rosy tones work best to add a subtle glow, whereas darker skin tones suit more rich, vibrant deeper blush shades, such as fuchsias, berry and tangerine tones.’

Featured image: iam_os, Unsplash