The Beachy Bob Is Our Latest Summer Hair Obsession

By Charlie Colville

3 weeks ago

Let's go to the beach-each, let's go get a bob

There’s a bob for every season, it seems – and this summer, it’s all about the beachy bob. Here’s how to get the look (and style it at home).

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What Is A Beachy Bob?

‘A beachy bob is a textured bob worn wavy or with natural curls,’ explains Mason Josh, Principal Stylist at Josh Wood Atelier. ‘It’s a more relaxed take on the classic bob; think scrunch-dry, on the beach, natural hair. This cut would be softer and more texturised than a sharp, classic bob.’

A seasonal update on everyone’s favourite short hairstyle, the beachy bob comes just as summer prepares to roll across the UK. This is very much to the delight of TikTok users, who have been praising the hairstyle on the platform with over 15 million posts tagged under #bobbeachywaves.

But it’s not all style over substance – there’s an element of practicality that makes this hairstyle such a hit in warmer weather. ‘In summer, it’s nice to let your hair dry naturally, especially when we have super hot weather,’ says Mason. ‘It’s an easier look to create and maintain, and it’s great to go from day to night in the summer because it can be worn relaxed or dressed up by pinning parts back or using hair accessories.’

@ashlynnrudzinski Replying to @pams ⭐️🪩✨ how I do loose beach waves on my short hair in less than 5 minutes 🤭 #shorthair #bob #beachwaves ♬ original sound – Ashlynn Rudzinski

Who Suits This Haircut?

Thankfully, Mason assures us that this bob is for the many. ‘This would suit most face shapes because of its kinky nature, and it’s very flattering,’ he confirms. ‘If you’re nervous, always consult your stylist on lengths and looks beforehand.’

How To Ask For A Beachy Bob In The Salon

It’s good to have some images on hand that our stylist can work from, so that they have a better idea of what you’re after. ‘Always bring inspiration images to your appointment,’ agrees Mason. ‘But remember it will be yours and your stylist’s version of the look, so it won’t be the exact replica of any images you have.’

How To Style A Beachy Bob At Home

As we’ve already highlighted, one of the best qualities of the beachy bob is its low-maintenance approach, which relies more on the natural texture of hair rather than styling tools and products. Mason recommends experimenting with different styling methods so that you can tailor the cut to you preferences. But, for your first go at styling, he suggest, ‘scrunch drying your hair at home with a nice, moisturising leave-in conditioner.’

Those with hair that sits straighter may need to employ one or two styling tools, however. We like this tutorial by @alyssarayelee on TikTok:

@alyssarayelee Day 16🌴 textured beachy waves for short hair!! #hairstyleideas #hairhack #shorthairstyles #hairtok #easyhairstyles #bobhairstyle #beachywaves ♬ Austin (Boots Stop Workin’) – Dasha

What Next?

While the bare bones of this cut are unlikely to change, Mason does see it evolving in scale in the future. ‘There will be longer and shorter versions of the beachy bob,’ he says. ‘Whether you have a pixie cut or shoulder length hair, you can embrace the beachy waves.’

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