The Undercut Bob Is Creating A Buzz In Salons This Season

By Charlie Colville

3 weeks ago

A boyish take on the classic bob

If there’s one haircut that has true transeasonal staying power, it has to be the bob – but how can we keep a classic looking fresh? This summer, stylists are ditching weighty layers in favour of a close-cropped styling; meet the undercut bob, the edgy short hairstyle taking over salons.

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What Is An Undercut Bob?

‘An undercut bob is a short hairstyle that features a shaved or closely cut lower section beneath longer hair on top, creating a bold contrast,’ explains Shai Greenberg, CEO and co-founder of Gielly Green.

‘It’s a bob of varying lengths, with the undercut taken at the nape, sides and sometimes round the lower temples of the head,’ adds Jake Davis, style director at John Frieda Salons Mayfair. ‘Undercutting a bob allows you to reduce bulk and weight, adding a modern and sometimes radical effect to the classic bob shape.’

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‘Radical’ seems like a fitting word for this short hairstyle; a departure from the feminine and pretty bob cuts we’ve seen in recent months, this style leans further into masculinity. It’s about cultivating an alternative aesthetic, cleaning up sharp lines and offering a hint of shock factor.

The appeal of looking different, while still being on trend, might be the key to the undercut bob’s success. ‘It’s the perfect way to be daring,’ says Jake. ‘It adds a strong look; it’s a personality statement, but still quite safe.’ And the home of internet hair trends, TikTok, seems to be in agreement. Here, you’ll find over 24.6 million posts listed under the tag #undercutbob.

The seal of approval as also been given by a slew of celebrities over the years, from Tilda Swinton and Scarlett Johansson to Kristen Stewart, Avril Lavigne and P!nk.

But what about the look itself makes it a winner? ‘The distinct contrast between the short undercut and longer top layers makes it unique and edgy,’ highlights Shai. ‘It combines classic and modern elements, offering versatility and a personalized, stylish look.’

Who Suits This Cut?

‘While this hairstyle works best for straight or slightly wavy hair and suits oval and heart-shaped faces, it can be tailored for a range of hair types and face shapes,’ says Shai. So it’s anyone’s game when it comes to this bob.

How To Ask For An Undercut Bob In The Salon (& What To Expect)

Our experts agree that, when asking for an undercut bob, it’s best to have a proper consultation with your stylist to discuss which elements of the cut will work best for you. ‘Have a good consultation with your stylist to work out the degree you would like to take the undercut,’ advises Jake. ‘You should also attend your appointment with the natural texture of your hair, as this will give your stylist a lot of information on how your hair sits and will help with the end decision.’

‘It’s also good to bring reference photos and discuss the desired undercut extent and top layer length with your stylist,’ adds Shai. ‘The process will involve the stylist shaving or closely cutting the lower section of the head and then shaping the top layers into a bob, so having a clear idea of what you want beforehand is key.’

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How To Style An Undercut Bob

Styling is up for experimentation – it might take some time to find the right look for you, but our experts have a few tips to get your started. ‘Use a straightener for a sleek look, or texturizing spray for volume,’ recommends Shai. ‘Experiment with different partings, and see what works for you.’

‘I love to leave some natural movement in the hair when dressing an undercut shape,’ says Jake. ‘Lived in and relaxed is the vibe. It lends itself well to this type of cut.’

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What Next?

Our experts predict that the undercut bob will become even more popular in the future. ‘Expect more intricate designs in the undercut and experimentation with lengths and textures,’ says Shai.

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