Looking For A Lazy Hair Summer? Try The Relaxed Bob

By Charlie Colville

4 weeks ago

Put your feet up and let your hair do all the work

On the hunt for a low-maintenance short hairstyle? After speaking to the experts, we’re convinced: the relaxed bob is perfect for channelling a lazy girl summer. Here’s why.

Bob Haircuts & Styles To Try Next

What Is A Relaxed Bob?

‘A relaxed bob, also known as a “rob”, is a soft bob that sits just below the jaw line,’ explains Stefania Mastrogiuseppe, Assistant Manager at Blue Tit Portobello. ‘It’s shorter than a lob and less structured than a classic graduated bob, and can be easily personalised to suit an individual’s needs and preferences.’

It’s no secret that short hairstyles continue to have sway over the salons this season – and with warmer weather creeping in, the need for fuss-free, easy-maintenance hairstyling is at an all time high. This is where the relaxed bob comes in. Where other bobs, like the hydro bob or the bubble bob, require daily styling, the relaxed bob takes on a hands-off approach; it’s all about embracing your natural texture.

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But the added beauty of this hairstyle lies in its versatility. It might not need styling to look good, but when you do take to it with tools and serums you can quite easily recreate the glam factor you get from other bob styles. ‘This is a low maintenance haircut that has a lot of versatility,’ agrees Stefania. ‘It can be worn as a lazy style just by air drying it and adding sea salt, but it can also look super chic with volume or glam slicked back.’

Need a visual aid? Those who have already given their stamp of approval include Laura Harrier, Hailey Bieber, Zendaya and Kourtney Kardashian.

Who Suits This Hairstyle?

‘Strong features tend to suit shorter hairstyles, but this is one of those haircuts that will suit different face shapes and hair in different ways,’ says Stefania. ‘I would definitely keep it slightly longer in the front for those who have a round face. You can also add texture by dry cutting hair that is more straight, keeping it blunt and heavier for curly hair – you could even add a fringe to create more framing around the face.’

How To Ask For A Relaxed Bob In The Salon (& What To Expect)

While it’s important that you bring references and images to your appointment when requesting a relaxed bob, Stefania also recommends trusting the advice given by your stylist. ‘Trust the experts and have an open mind on what will be the best for your hair and face shape,’ she says.

‘Even though it looks like a simple haircut and easy to deliver, it take lots of precision,’ Stefania continues. ‘The hair will first be cut from the back section by section connecting the front, leaving enough length for clients that have curly hair. Once dry we will refine it all around and styling at the end.’

How To Style A Relaxed Bob At Home

Personalisation is key when it comes to styling a relaxed bob. This is a style that works to enhance texture, so styling will vary from person to person. ‘With straight hair, I would definitely scrunch in some texturising cream,’ says Stefania. ‘This will help create a cool messy look that you’ll get the day after washing your hair, and sea salt spray will also help with texture.

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‘With curly hair, the secret is to add as much moisture as possible,’ she continues. ‘Leave-in conditioners with a milky texture will add moisture without creating buildup on the hair. Any light serums will also control the frizz and lock in the moisture.’

If you like the idea of embracing your hair’s natural drying pattern, you can also leave your bob to air dry – no further styling needed.

What Next?

Stefania sees the trend taking on small personalised details going forward: ‘I can see people adding fringes and face frames to make it more fun, as well as more play with different colours.’

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