15 Bob Haircuts & Styles To Try In 2024

By Charlie Colville

3 months ago

It's the year of the bob

As it stands, 2024 is shaping up to be the year that everyone tries out a bob haircut. Would you get the chop? We asked the experts what to expect when picking out a bob hairstyle, and share their picks to try now.

What Is A Bob Haircut?

While today there are many variations of the bob haircut, the original (and most common) version refers to a short cut that falls between the chin and neckline – although usually sitting along the jawline. ‘The original bob appeared in 1915 and was worn by actress and dancer Irene Caste, who chose to cut her hair off prior to a surgery,’ says Neil Moodie, a stylist and founder of Neil Moodie Studio. ‘Worn very short in the 20s and 30s with curls, it was then re-invented by Vidal Sassoon in the 60’s as a classic bob (sometimes known as the graduated bob). It was created to be a cut that needs little or no maintenance.’

These days, bobs vary in style and length – from curled Baroque bobs to super-short boy bobs and longer ‘mom cut’ lobs – although it seems the general interest in bobs has skyrocketed in recent years. ‘We’ve seen a real transition recently,’ says Neil. ‘Moving away from the long hair trend, worn boho style with soft waves, more people are now cutting off their hair. Think 90s styles that are shorter, sharper and more of statement. So many celebrities have gone for the cut recently, including the likes of Hayley Bieber, Selena Gomez, Zendaya, Lucy Boynton, Cate Blanchet and Carey Mulligan.’

Which Face Shapes Suit This Hairstyle?

Lucky for us, bobs are considered one of the most flattering hairstyles due to their adaptability, as Neil tells us that it can be tailored to any face shape. ‘Thankfully, they suit most face shapes,’ he says. ‘You do have to find the right length for your particular face shape, though. For example, if you have a wider or rounder face a longer length will be more flattering, but if your face is longer and slimmer it will look better if the length is kept closer to the chin.’

Which Hair Textures Suit This Hairstyle?

Similar rules ring true when it comes hair texture, too. ‘Bobs suit every texture, but of course have to be adapted depending on whether your hair is really curly, wavy or straight,’ explains Neil. ‘If you have curls, you might find it better to go for a slightly longer style to allow for the shrinkage in length once the curls dry. If your hair is straight, you can try something blunter and sharper as your hair texture will show off the haircut at its best. For wavy hair, meanwhile, you could go for a few long layers to help prevent the bob haircut from going too triangular looking when it dries’

How To Ask For A Bob Haircut At The Salon?

To get the bob haircut you want, you really need to communicate your likes and dislikes with your stylist – a great way to do this, Neil tells us, is by bringing in image references that highlight specific features you want to try or avoid. ‘Talk to your stylist about which bob is best for your hair type and face shape,’ the stylist says. ‘Take in images of bob haircuts you have seen and like – but be aware that even though you like a style on somebody else it might not be best for you, so from there it might need to be adjusted.’

Depending on the length you’re after, you might also need to grow out your hair a little before visiting the salon. ‘Make sure your hair is long enough for the haircut,’ says Neil. ‘If it isn’t then you may need to grow it out for a while, so that your stylist has more to work with and shape.’

How To Style A Bob

Styling all depends on the bob style you want, says Neil. ‘For straighter, smoother bobs, it’s good to use a light serum before blow-drying to help get a smooth finish,’ he starts. ‘For a wavy bob, its good to have a diffuser to dry the hair and then use a medium or large curling iron to accentuate the waves more. For curls, you definitely need a diffuser and a good curl product to bring out their definition and prevent frizz when drying.’

Otherwise, the styling of your bob haircut is completely up to you and your preferences.

How To Maintain A Bob

If you want to keep your bob’s length and shape, there will be some maintenance required on your end. ‘Too maintain its length, your bob haircut will normally needs a trim after about six or eight weeks,’ says Neil. ‘If you leave it longer  then the length will continue to get longer, and you could possibly lose the bob shape you love.’

15 Bob Haircut Styles To Try In 2024

1. Classic Bob


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First things first, the classic bob. This style is essentially the blueprint for all bobs – think a crisp, even length that falls between the chin and shoulders. Sleek and clean, it’s a classic for a reason.

2. Scandi Bob


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‘The Scandi bob is a chin length bob that is flipped over to one side in an effortless way,’ says Tyler Moore, expert stylist at Live True London. ‘It is a popular look right now as it requires basically no styling and looks great styled down or dressed up.’

Here’s how to get (and style) a Scandi bob.

3. Lob (or ‘Mom Haircut’)

Whether you’re not quite ready to commit to a shorter hairstyle, or are in the process of growing out a bob, a lob is also a super trendy style you can try. A combination of the words ‘long’ and ‘bob’, a lob is (you guessed it) a long bob. ‘A lob comes in varying lengths, ranging from just above your shoulders to your collarbone,’ says Charlotte Clark, a hair stylist and co-founder of Barnet Fair London.

Here’s how to get (and style) a lob.

4. Butterfly Bob


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An evolution of the butterfly haircut, the butterfly bob is a shorter version characterised by the same creation of feathered layers that fall around the face, imitating butterfly wings.

Here’s how to get (and style) a butterfly bob.

5. Boy Bob


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For something a little shorter and low maintenance, try the boy bob (or ‘boyb’). ‘The boyb, or boy bob, is a short, undone bob,’ Daina Maciulaite, a hair stylist at Blush and Blow London, tells us. ‘It sits anywhere between the lip and chin, while still framing your facial features. It’s an easy-to-wear cut that’s ideal for the everyday, especially if you still want to make a statement with your hair.’

Here’s how to get (and style) a boy bob.

6. Old Money Bob

Taking its cues from TikTok‘s viral old money aesthetic trend, this version of the bob haircut has an old school, upper class vibe defined by super glossy, voluminous locks cut above the shoulders. It’s meant to look expensive, and comes with lots of bounce and fullness.

Here’s how to get (and style) an old money bob.

7. Rounded Bob

Departing from the stick-straight classic bob, the rounded bob features curled ends that turn inwards towards the face. It’s also a style that has had a lot of popularity amongst the Kardashians.

8. Coily Bob


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Short hair isn’t off the table for those with natural curly hair, either. A coily bob can be achieved, as Neil said, by cutting the hair slightly longer while wet so that it springs up into a voluminous bob when dry. Haircare is key to keeping coily hair well-defined, so it’s worth investing in curl creams and specialised conditioners.

9. Baroque Bob


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The baroque bob is a short, sleek cut – around collarbone length – and what sets it apart is the addition of elaborate curls, giving a definitive sense of Old Hollywood glamour. It makes sense then that it’s a favourite on the red carpet; we especially love Zendaya’s take from 2023 awards season.

Here’s how to get (and style) a Baroque bob.

10. Wolf Cut Bob


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Think wolf cuts are just for long hair? Think again. ‘The wolf cut is a combination of the mullet and shag haircut,’ says Katie Allan, a hair stylist and founder of MAYFIVE Hair. ‘It takes on a mullet with its short, choppy layers and a shag cut with its heavy fringe, and even though the shape is discounted it still flows.’ As long as the distinctive ‘wild’ appearance remains, the wolf cut can be adapted for any length – including bobs.

Here’s how to get (and style) a wolf cut bob.

11. Bixie Bob

A cross between a pixie cut and a bob, the bixie features short layers at the nape of the neck with slightly longer layers towards the crown and fringe. Expect lots of layers and texture with this one.

12. Box Bob

If you’re after something a little more classic, but with a little more length and give for natural texture, then a box bob is a great choice. ‘A box bob is a classy, slick bob that is typically all one length, depending on your hair type,’ explains Molly Newell, a stylist at Neil Moodie Studio. ‘If you’re thinking about going for the chop, this is probably one of the most classic bob looks.’

Here’s how to get (and style) a box bob.

13. Smullet Bob


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Thought you missed 2020’s mullet craze? Not quite. While not technically as bob, a smullet (otherwise known as a short mullet) can be tailored into more of a bob shape. ‘This is a haircut that usually takes the sides and top of the hair a lot shorter and leaves the back often over-directed in a severe angle, or completely disconnected, leaving it longer at the back – just like a mullet,’ explains celebrity hairstylist Timothy David. More recently, you will have seen Florence Pugh, who is currently growing out her hair from the short buzz cut she got in , wearing a smullet.

Here’s how to get (and style) a smullet.

14. French Bob


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Characterised by its face-framing layers, this shorter bob is less structured than a classic bob and has a lot more room to play with texture and movement.

15. Petit Bob


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Considered an even shorter rendition of the French bob, the petit bob is a much shorter cut that usually comes into own at that awkward length you get from growing out an ultra-cropped hairstyle. It’s big on angles and contours, and really plays into that mussed up look you get mismatched layers.

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