Body Language: Embrace the Change

By Olivia Falcon

3 years ago

Better times are just round the corner

From creams and purses to pain-relieving pads, Olivia Falcon says we should embrace the change of post-lockdown life with these clever buys.

Body Language: Embrace the Change

As I peel off my Pangaia tracksuit and emerge from lockdown hibernation, I wonder: what kind of brave new world awaits us? Things are sure to be different and for many the thought of change is deeply uncomfortable. To smooth your path I want to share a few new discoveries that should make the ride less bumpy.

First up, let me offer some relief from crippling period pains and introduce you to Livia (£199,, a neat, hand-held device that can be attached with sticky, flower-shaped pads onto the tummy, back, or anywhere that aches. It delivers an electric current to divert nerve impulses, hence blocking the sharp stab of period pains – a similar concept to a TENS machine but far more portable. Having road-tested Livia for a couple of months I can report it really does work and I now wouldn’t have a month without it.

I know people have been fretting about how they appear on Zoom but I’m more concerned about how I’ll look when I finally step back out into society. It all got pretty feral back in January. Luckily, I have discovered Summer Fridays’ new Cloud Dew (£39, An ultra-lightweight gel cream infused with three types of hyaluronic acids and packed with ceramides, minerals and amino acids, it has brought welcome relief to my ruddy, puffy, flaky computer-screen skin.

Body Language: Embrace the Change

I am also smitten with the Beautifect Box (£279, This was sent to me by Tara Lalvani, a working mum searching for a stress-free solution to the problem of messy make-up bags and dodgy lighting. The box is a lightweight portable make-up case that has brilliant storage for all your beauty tools, plus professional lighting at the touch of a button, with multiple settings from daylight to candlelight (essential for date nights). It also has a large mirror, plus a magnifying mirror that clips on and off if you need to do forensic pore patrol (be careful here as it makes spot-picking addictive). You will effortlessly pull off the perfect make-up look, whether at the kitchen table or in a dark hotel room.

My final revelation has literally lightened my load. Pre-pandemic I was wedded to my huge shoulder bag. In January I traded this in for a Crossbody Bandolier purse and phone case (£85, The brand has multiple styles and colours; I plumped for the Valentino-esque black and gold pebble-leather Sarah pouch, with studded shoulder strap, that carries my keys, cards and phone. My slouchy posture has straightened out dramatically.

So let’s walk out into the spring sunshine with our shoulders back and a big smile. Better times are just round the corner.

Featured image: Ksenia Chernaya @ Pexels


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