Liked The Butterfly Haircut? Then You’ll Love The Butterfly Bob

By Charlie Colville

6 months ago

It might be shorter, but you can't clip this butterfly's wings

Another bob trend? Yes, another bob trend – and this time, we’re going back to garden to track down our favourite little butterfly. Meet the butterfly bob, the hair trend flying into hair salons.

What Is The Butterfly Haircut? Find Out Here

What Is A Butterfly Bob?

An evolution of the butterfly haircut, the butterfly bob is a shorter version of the classic cut – which is characterised by the creation of feathered layers that fall around the face, imitating butterfly wings. ‘Layers are gracefully swept back, framing the face like the delicate wings of a butterfly,’ said Cyd Charisse, a contributor at Hairstory, in our guide to the butterfly haircut. ‘The butterfly cut has soared in popularity recently as it masterfully combines the desire for dynamic movement and volume with a practical, wearable style that evolves gracefully with the wearer. This cut offers the perfect frame for the face, making it a versatile choice for those seeking both flair and functionality in their hairstyle.’

But where has the trend come from? Searches for ‘butterfly bob’ have soared over the last three months, according to Google Trends – likely because it brings together two of the internet’s favourite hairstyles right now: the butterfly and the bob.

How Does It Differ From A Regular Butterfly Haircut?

The main difference between the two butterflies is the length of the cut; where a butterfly haircut is a more general term to describe the hairstyle at every length, the butterfly bob refers solely to those with short hair (typically shoulder length and above).

Stylistically, the two don’t differ all that much. There’s still layered framing around the face and an emphasis on lightness – you’ll just find that the ‘wings’ aren’t as long and that the overall shape of the haircut (depending on the amount of layers) can appear more cloud-like or floaty.

@meredithowens_ LOVE this transitional cut for growing out my bob. #butterflyhaircut on short/medium length hair 🦋 #butterflyhaircutshorthair #shoulderlengthhaircut #longcurtainbangs #matildadjerfhair ♬ Lil Boo Thang – Paul Russell

How To Ask For A Butterfly Bob At The Salon?

Most stylists will be well-versed in the butterfly haircut, but – as you would when trying any hairstyle for the first time – you’ll want to make sure you attend your appointment having done your research. Bring plenty of reference pictures that showcase elements of the butterfly bob that you like, and make sure most of feature models with a shorter cut so you can get a feel of what length you’d like.

Who Suits This Haircut?

The beauty of the butterfly is that it can be tailored to every hair length and type – you just need to collaborate and communicate properly with your stylist. Although, in our butterfly haircut guide, Cyd did note that this is a style that does pair more easily with straighter hair if you’re looking for voluminous layers (but your hair type overall shouldn’t stop you from trying it out).

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