The Old Money Bob Is 2024’s Next Big Luxury Haircut

By Charlie Colville

6 months ago

Vintage glamour is in

In case you hadn’t noticed, short hair is in vogue – and it shows no sign of falling out of fashion anytime soon. Whether it’s a choppy wolf cut, an understated lob or an ornate baroque bob you’re after, the motto for 2024 is ‘the shorter, the better’. And the next big (or rather, short) hair trend to hit our radar? The old money bob.

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What Is The Old Money Bob?

As it’s name suggests, the old money bob takes its inspiration from TikTok‘s viral old money aesthetic (which currently have over 64 million views on the platform) with an old school, upper class vibe defined by super glossy, voluminous locks cut above the shoulders. Emphasis here lies in the bounce of the hairdo, with stylists cutting in soft layers to create and bounce. That signature ultra-lush fullness is created by keeping a full shape around the back of the hair, with a blunt cut on the ends and just a little bit of shaping around the front for framing.

‘The old money bob is a hairstyle that exudes sophistication and timeless elegance,’ says Jason Crozier, hairdresser at Neville Hair and Beauty. ‘It’s characterised by its simplicity and refined appearance, typically featuring a length that grazes the jawline or falls just below it. The cut is clean and structured, with subtle layers that add volume without overt texturing.’

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It’s a love letter to the upper class preppy girls of the 90s and 00s – think Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl, Monica Geller (à la season two of Friends) and The Parent Trap‘s resident yummy not-mummy Meredith Blake – and a far-fling thread of the ever-popular quiet luxury movement. It’s subtle chic, with plenty of throwback fun to make it feel a little nostalgic.

‘The sudden popularity of the old money bob can be attributed to a broader cultural shift towards understated luxury,’ confirms Jason. ‘In contrast to the ostentatious styles of the past, this bob signifies a return to classic, enduring styles. Its minimalistic yet chic appearance resonates with the contemporary desire for sustainable and versatile fashion choices.’

How Does It Differ From A Baroque Bob?

While both cuts taps into an old school glamour aesthetic, it’s worth noting that a baroque bob and an old money bob are not the same haircut.

‘The baroque bob was known for its elaborate and ornate style, often featuring pronounced layers, curls, or waves. It was a statement piece, reflecting a bolder, more-is-more philosophy,’ explains Jason. The old money bob, on the other hand, is the epitome of less is more. It’s more streamlined and sleek, prioritizing subtlety over extravagance.’ Think less Marilyn Monroe and more 90s supermodel.

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How Is An Old Money Bob Created In The Salon?

So, how do the professionals do it? ‘Crafting this hairstyle requires precision and an understanding of subtle layering,’ highlights Jason. ‘Unlike more textured cuts, this style focuses on clean, sharp lines. The layers are internal, giving the hair a natural volume that doesn’t compromise the sleekness of the silhouette. It’s a balance between structure and movement, achieved through meticulous cutting techniques.’

Who Suits This Haircut?

As this is a hairstyle that more closely resembles a classic bob, it tends to work for anyone who wants to try shorter style – although its worth keeping in mind if you have curly, coiled hair that you won’t need to go as short as you would with straight or wavy hair. ‘One of the appealing aspects of the Old Money Bob is its versatility,’ adds Jason. ‘It suits a variety of hair textures and types, from straight to wavy. The key is in the cut’s customisation to each hair type, ensuring that the sleek, polished look is achievable whether the hair is fine, thick, curly or straight.’

London hair stylist Suzi Angelina, who has been perfecting the old money bob in the salon, also notes that this is a hairstyle that works best at a specific length. ‘If you have a rounder face, like myself, I recommend cutting your bangs just below the chin,’ she says in an Instagram post. ‘If your bangs are cut too short they open up the jaw area which can in fact make your face appear wider.’

How To Ask For An Old Money Bob At The Salon

If you’re ready to bite the bullet and get the (old money) chop, then it’s time to head to your local salon. Before chatting to your stylist, have a few reference photos ready that you can use to point out which features you like and don’t like, as well as styles you would like to try. This will give your stylist some guidance on tailoring the old money bob to your preferences.

Tips For Styling At Home

Below, Jason outlines his top tips for styling an old money bob at home:

  • Smooth Blow-Drying: Use a round brush to blow-dry the hair smooth. For those with wavy or curly hair, a smoothing cream or serum can be applied before drying.
  • Minimal Product Use: This style thrives on simplicity, so avoid overloading it with products. A light mousse or volumizing spray at the roots can provide lift without stiffness.
  • Regular Trims: To maintain the clean lines of the old money bob, regular trims are essential. This cut is all about precision, so keeping the edges sharp is crucial.

‘This style offers versatility and a timeless appeal, making it a popular choice for those seeking a sophisticated, low-maintenance hairstyle,’ reaffirms Jason. ‘With the right approach to cutting and styling, the old money bob can be an exquisite addition to anyone’s look, embodying the essence of modern luxury.’

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