What Is A Candle Massage?

By Felicity Carter

10 months ago

A massage for all the senses

Candle massages have been cropping up on spa menus of late, so we’ve asked beauty and skincare experts Nikita Conwi and Nicola Elliott to fill us in on what to expect from this new treatment.

What Is A Candle Massage?

Candle massages are designed to target all the senses, packed with essential oils, and natural fragrances the massage is further elevated using warm, melted wax that is applied to the body. ‘The Sensory Awakening Candle Massage is a treatment performed with a specially designed massage candle. The heat exuded from the candle wax, which draws on traditional Moroccan principles of Hammam, followed by gentle movements by our therapists aim to immediately unwind the body and soul,’ says Nikita Conwi, Spa Manager at Bulgari Spa Dubai.

Bath tub with tray of candles on top

What candles can be used?

Of course, only a specialised candle can be used for this type of massage and there’s various ones on the market, including the skin treatment candle from NEOM Organics that’s blended with a whole host of nourishing oils such as baobab and jojoba oil to soften the skin and relax the mind.

Nicola Elliott, Founder and Creative Director of NEOM Organics says, ‘Our Real Luxury Intensive Skin Treatment candle is made with perfectly chosen natural essential oils, expertly blended to help bring a feeling of calm including lavender, jasmine and Brazilian rosewood, all expertly blended to help you relax and unwind. To get the full Real Luxury Intensive Skin Treatment Candle experience, soak in a warm bath filled with our Real Luxury Bath Foam whilst the candle creates a pool of precious oil. Light the candle for 30 minutes, allowing the wax to liquify and pool, then blow out before pouring. Drizzle the precious oils of almond, baobab and jojoba all over the body and then massage deeply to intensively nourish and hydrate skin.

‘All NEOM skin products have three benefits, two for your skin and one for your wellbeing. In this instance, the massage candle and treatment nourish your skin through the rich cocoa butter and almond oil, softens your skin through the soybean oil and destresses your mind after a long day from the essential oils.’

Hands pouring candle wax

What can we expect from the treatment?

When performed by a therapist, there’s a range of pre-stretches and massages beforehand to calm the body and enter a state of relaxation. As Nikita explains, ‘In order to prepare the muscles for the massage, the therapists begin the treatment with a series of stretches. It’s a quick set of stretches followed by a light pressure massage that starts face up with the legs, arms, décolleté, neck and shoulders. And then finished with the same sequence facing down. During the treatment, the warmed candle melts to oils, which then releases calming properties that work to revitalize and calm the guest with every massage stroke.

‘During the treatment, the warmed candle melts to oil, which then releases calming properties that work to revitalize and calm the guest with every massage stroke – these long stroke movements encapsulate the body, feeling warm and protected. The massage techniques are directly inspired from the authentic Teksal gentle movements to deeply unwind the body while softening the skin with the aromatic cosmetics.’

In the same vein, for use at home, Nicola recommends to first soak in a warm bath to destress and then light the massage candle, leaving it for 30 minutes to allow the wax to liquify. Once there is a pool of melted wax, blow out, and lightly drizzle on the targeted area. For the best results, massage deeply to fully nourish and hydrate the skin.

The advantages

The wellbeing benefits start with bringing about a sense of calm through the natural fragrances once lit. This is followed by the nourishing and moisturising qualities of the melted oil once applied to the skin thanks, to the softening oils. Nikita goes on to say that the ‘warmth of the candle wax, helps promote blood and lymphatic circulation, which then relaxes the muscles. The healing properties of amber helps moisturise and boost cell renewal. It’s very beneficial for those with sensitive skin.’

Images courtesy of NEOM