Why Is Everyone Going Champagne Blonde?

By Charlie Colville

3 months ago

The latest hair colour fad of 2024 is here

Find yourself bubbling up with the desire to try something new? We’ve got just the fizz for you. Here’s everything you need to know about the champagne blonde hair trend, the latest shade to go viral amongst the style set.

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What Is Champagne Blonde Hair?

‘A shade of blonde known for its warm tones, champagne blonde hair is achieved through a combination of golden highlights and a pink colour wash,’ explains Cyd Charisse, a contributor for Hairstory. ‘This colour cocktail results in a unique, multidimensional appearance that stands out from traditional blonde highlights by adding a subtle yet distinct pink hue, lending a pale and warm aesthetic to the hair that shines like champagne on NYE.’

Over the last few months, we’ve spotted a number of celebs taking on the trend head (or rather, hair) on – from Ariana Grande and Lana del Ray to Sienna Miller and Karlie Kloss. Salons all over the world are similarly popping the cork on champagne blonde, showing their clients’ hair transformations on TikTok to an audience of eager trend chasers.

@colorclique Champagne BLONDE 🥂🤍 #blondehair #haircolor #hairvideo ♬ If I Could Melt Your Heart (TikTok Remix) – DJ Gotta

‘Clients are wanting this type of warmth, as it’s more complimentary to skin tones all year round,’ says Neil Moodie Studio colourist Kelly May, talking on the shade’s growing popularity. ‘Gone are the days of super bright blondes – it’s now warm champagne tones we welcome with open arms.’

‘It’s more than just another blonde – it’s like the cool cousin,’ adds Cyd. ‘It’s versatile, so it’s not just for blondes; even light brunettes and blondes can rock it. The whole vibe of getting a hair colour inspired by drinks, like champagne, is a fun trend that’s sticking around. This colour is like having that fun, bubbly personality in your hair – it’s different, it’s fresh and it suits a lot of people.’

How Does It Differ From Other Shades Of Blonde?

‘It’s more of a play on colour placement,’ says Kelly. ‘It has a lot of warmth, and the champagne hues and golden tones are used to create more dimension than you might find in a standard shade of blonde.’

But what about rose gold, we ask, that’s pretty close, right? ‘Rose gold hair is like wearing your favourite bling in your hair,’ says Cyd. ‘It’s a mix of red, pink and blonde that works with any skin tone and can be as loud or as low-key as you want. Champagne blonde is a little more toned down, with a bigger focus on warm vibes – mixing golden highlights with a touch of pink for a cool, not-your-average blonde look.’

@kathynunezhair Champagne blonde! 🥂 #blondespecialist #hairtransformation #redkenshadeseq ♬ original sound – Kathynunez

How To Ask For Champagne Blonde Hair In The Salon (& What To Expect)

As always, make sure you come to your hair appointment prepared with reference photos highlights the parts of this hairstyle you like the most; this will give your stylist a better idea of what kind of colour you’re after and how to tweak it to your preferences.

As for the experience in the salon itself, Cyd explains just how colourists achieve champagne blonde. ‘In a salon, making champagne blonde starts with lightening your hair using a lightener, which could be all over, with balayage, or with highlights – it’s up to how bold you want to go,’ she says. ‘After lightening, the key to getting that champagne vibe is a hair gloss. A lot of stylists go for Redken Shades EQ 09GRo to nail the perfect shade. It’s a mix of technique and the right product to get that bubbly champagne blonde.’

Who Suits This Shade?

The best part about this shade? ‘Champagne can be tweaked to compliment all hair types,’ confirms Kelly.

‘Champagne blonde is pretty flexible and can suit a bunch of different face shapes and hair types,’ adds Cyd. ‘If you dig the look, you should totally try it out – maybe start with a semi-permanent gloss if you’re not ready to commit fully.’

Although Cyd does warn us to be careful if our skin consists of more pink tones: ‘Just a heads-up though, if your skin has warm or pink tones, this hair colour might make those stand out more.’ So it might be best to crack out the CC cream…

@shaglondon Champagne pixies always HIT hard 🔥🍾 #shaglondon #champagneblonde #pixiecut #blondepixie ♬ Strangers – Kenya Grace

How To Maintain Champagne Blonde Hair

Want to prolong the lifespan of your champagne blonde locks? The key is to keep your hair healthy and moisturised, using nourishing products that can help strands hold their colour. Take your pick of one of these luxury shampoos and conditioners, designed to nourish and protect hair (and, in some cases, even give it a colour boost).

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