Inside TikTok’s Scandi Hairline Trend

By Charlie Colville

3 months ago

Nordic blonde is set to be all the rage for 2024

In need of a colour boost when it comes to your hair? Head to the root of the problem with TikTok‘s latest trend, the Scandinavian hairline. With almost 123 million views on the platform, #scandinavianhairline is making waves on the scene.

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What Is The Scandinavian Hairline Trend?

The Scandinavian hairline trend, sometimes abbreviated to ‘Scandi hairline’, is a colour technique that sees a stylist apply lightener to the front of the hairline, leaving a seamless blonde halo around the crown of your head. The name comes from the light blonde hair (and roots) often associated with Scandi locals, hence the Nordic references.

‘The Scandi hairline trend has been seen all over TikTok as a trending technique to highlight hair,’ explains Tyler Moore, an expert hair stylist at Live True London. ‘It involves subtly lightening a small section of the hair around the face to create a bright, face framing look that is more subtle than a money piece.’

If you find the hairstyle looks familiar, it’ll be because the technique itself isn’t a new thing amongst stylists – who will often use it with regular blonde dye jobs. But, more recently, celebrities have been giving the Scandinavian hairline a whirl. ‘We’re seeing a step towards “natural” hair looks as TikTok takes cues from celebrities like Sofia Richie,’ confirms Tyler. ‘This hair trend is great for giving a more natural, sun-kissed look.’

How To Create The Look

‘Typically, your hairstylist will start by sectioning off a small amount of hair around the hairline, and gently lightening about a half an inch section,’ explains Tyler. ‘Depending on the tone you typically go for – whether it’s a buttery blonde or a pearlescent shade – it can then be toned to blend in with the rest of your balayage or highlights.’

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Who Suits A Scandinavian Hairline?

As its name suggests, the Scandinavian hairline trend was developed with blondes in mind. ‘This trend works best for blondes,’ reiterates Tyler. ‘When you think “Scandi” you typically think natural blonde – along with other lighter hair colours.’

But that’s not to say that those with darker hair can’t get involved; it will just take a little more work to make the switch from brunette to blonde. ‘It can work for brunettes and darker, but not as well and must be done carefully to avoid creating too much of a contrast,’ Tyler advises. ‘The key to this look is looking ultra-natural. It’s also worth keeping in mind that if you have a bold fashion colour that’s especially dark, this might be difficult to achieve, so be prepared that hair may need to be lightened over a long period of time – hair health is important above all else!’

Speaking of, it’s generally advised that hair needs to be strong and healthy before dying. As is the case when creating a blonde look, it’s advised that bleach and dye aren’t used on hair that is already fragile as it can become damaged even further (think brittle strands and breakages).

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Tips For Maintaining The Colour At Home

Tyler tells us that the most important thing to remember when looking after blonde hair – and, therefore, a Scandinavian hairline – is regular maintenance with nourishing products. ‘The key is to ensure the hair remains in good condition to avoid breakage, so work in a regular hair masking session with an intensive treatment,’ he advises. ‘As this area will be lighter than the rest, getting your hairstylist to apply a toner each colour session will help to keep it bright.’

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