What Is The Colour Lapping Hair Trend?

By Rebecca Cox

7 months ago

Bye bye balayage and au revoir ombre, this winter it’s all about ‘colour lapping’ and ‘burnt colour’ hair techniques.

Time for a new season hair makeover? A fresh colour is the easiest way for a new look in a hurry. But what’s trending for winter? Colour lapping and burnt colour are two of the current biggest hair trends. So if you’re looking to refresh your look for the new season, here’s what you need to know.

What Is The Colour Lapping Hair Trend?

Colour Lapping hair trend - Hari's Salon

(c) Hari’s Salon

Known as colour lapping or colour slicing, this technique is a fresh take on highlighting or tinting for the new season. The technique works in colour layers, rather than strips, from the underneath outwards.

The idea is to add tone and texture to your hair in a bespoke style working with your colourist, so it’s a great option for those looking to add the appearance of a little more lift and volume to their locks. It can also be used to create statement bold strips of colour in a throwback to 90s hair trends. If that sounds a little bold for you, this next technique, burnt colour, might be for you.

Who Will Colour Lapping Suit?

Colour lapping can work with complementary tones and colours, so it suits every hair hair type, tone and texture. Blondes can work with lighter and slightly darker tones to add more volume and light, while darker hair colours can lift their overall tone by adding warm highlights in similar shades.

What Is The Burnt Colour Hair Trend?

Burnt hair colour trend - Hari's Salon

(c) Hari’s Salon

Perfect for transitioning to the new season, this technique is all about softening ombre and balayage hair hues to a more natural, subtle tone.

The colourist uses a semi-colour or gloss on the roots to soften or darken the colour in line with your natural tones, which is then worked through the locks avoiding ends and mid-lengths, which can be touched up with a bespoke colour. This gives the ends of hair a break from lightening products and leaves locks with a rich toasted tone blended seamlessly from root to tip.

Who Will Burnt Colour Suit?

Since burnt colour is about achieving a warm, rich tone that is closer to your natural hue, this look will work on everyone, especially if you have spent a long time highlighting all or the ends of your hair. Work with colours that include rich red or orange tones to tap into this season’s red wine or warm blonde hair trends.