Cowgirl Curtains: The Latest Texan Trend Taking Over 2024

By Charlie Colville

1 week ago

You'll want to saddle up for this one

When we started rounding up this season’s upcoming beauty trends, one thing stood out: big, bouncy Texas-inspired hairstyles. Already given the greenlight by the likes of Sabrina Carpenter and Matilda Djerf, cowgirl curtains are the next big bang movement for 2024 – here’s how the stylists are bringing the cut to life.

What Are Cowgirl Curtains?

‘Cowgirl curtains are a longer, fuller, volume-packed version of a curtain bang,’ explains Sarah McKenna, founder of The London Hair Lab. ‘Unlike the traditional curtain bang, cowgirl curtains are much heavier. They’re all about volume and embracing your natural texture so are cut thicker than a curtain bang, which would typically be wispier.’

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It comes just as salons are setting a trend for bigger, bolder hairstyling, with heaps of glamour piled on top for good measure. Cowgirl curtains fit perfectly into this burgeoning movement, as they channel the va va voom of the Wild West aesthetic. ‘We’ve seen a big uptake in the wispy bang look over the past year and quite often it’s paired with a shorter cut, as I think people are looking for a change,’ muses Sarah. ‘But fuller, longer, thicker hair is the new go-to. Recently we’ve seen a move from less is more to more is more, so volume is the new must-have.’

Celebs are also embracing the look, with ‘Espresso’ singer Sabrina Carpenter making an appealing case for cowgirl curtains during her recent stint at Coachella. ‘It’s no surprise that Sabrina Carpenter has become the face of cowgirl curtains, she’s been sporting a voluminous, full-fringed look for a while now,’ says Sarah. ‘Over the past year, country fashion has had a surge in popularity and its influence can be widely seen, from global stars like Beyonce to influencers like Matilda Djerf. We’ve even seen the influence of country in our salon when it comes to styling, with some clients going for a big bouncy blow-dry look.’

Who Suits This Fringe?

The good news is that this is a bang hairstyle that is easily adjustable, working with your natural hair to create that all-important volume. ‘If you’re looking for more volume, then this fringe will work well for you,’ confirms Sarah. ‘It’s all about embracing your natural texture and amplifying volume so it works well with a range of hair textures, but the more hair you have the better. Cowgirl curtains suit a variety of face shapes thanks to the strong face framing, they accentuate the cheekbones and draw the focus to the eye area.’

How To Ask For Cowgirl Curtains In The Salon (& What To Expect)

Communication, as always, is key when requesting a new hairstyle at the salon. Do your research beforehand and make sure you go in prepared with references for your stylist. ‘You always want to bring a lot of inspirational pictures with you to the salon when getting a cut like a cowgirl curtain, as there are so many variations so it’s important to be clear,’ highlights Sarah. ‘Make sure you have pictures of what you like, as well as what you don’t like.’

Sarah also tells us that your stylist will then gradually begin shaping your curtain bangs, tailoring them as they go along to make sure they sit correctly with your features: ‘Your stylist will first help you decide on the shortest and longest points of the fringe, then working from the centre outwards they’ll work to graduate your fringe into the rest of your hair.’

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How To Maintain Cowgirl Curtains

Bangs aren’t for the weak; they need just as much, if not more, maintenance as the rest of your hair. ‘If you have oily hair, then it’s important to set a routine for washing and blow drying,’ advises Sarah. ‘It’s a heavier fringe so if it gets oily, you’ll lose the bounce and volume you’re looking for. Using a volume mousse can also help.’

How To Style Cowgirl Curtains

And when it comes to styling, ‘it all comes down to the blow drying. For the best results, you want to blow dry forward using a big round brush,’ Sarah says. ‘To help the volume last all day, you can add a volumizing mousse whilst your hair is still wet. The most important step when styling any kind of fringe is to let your hair cool after blow drying it – use a Velcro roller and, whilst you style the rest of your hair, let it cool.’

The Future Of Cowgirl Curtains

While we don’t see the volume and bounce going anywhere soon, Sarah predicts a more subtle shift as people start to grow out their cowgirl curtains. ‘The fringe is an ever-evolving style and I can see cowgirl curtains most likely evolving into face-framing layers,’ she says. ‘I think as people grow their fringe out, they’ll come to love the longer layers and the way they can highlight your best features. There’s so much variety when it comes to a fringe.’

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