Looking For Summer Hair Inspiration? Try The Mob Bob

By Charlie Colville

2 weeks ago

Mob wife meets bob life

Throwback hairstyles are having a moment – especially when they come in bob form – and the latest take on the short hair movement is all about gritty glam and 90s bounce. Meet the mob bob, the hybrid hairstyle going big on one of the internet’s biggest microtrends.

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What Is A Mob Bob?

A collision of two of this year’s biggest trends, the bob and the mob wife aesthetic, the mob bob is a short haircut that channels drama, sass and glamour in its styling; think lots of volume, sleek textures and exaggerated fullness. ‘The mob bob is a take on the infamous 90’s bob,’ adds hairstylist Eugenie Mendy, who roots the trend in chunky bob styles from the decade. ‘It’s essentially a short cut with volume and fullness, which can be styled in various ways, from a middle to side part. It’s the perfect fun and flirtatious look for summer.’

But where did it come from? We’re all now quite familiar with the mob wife aesthetic – ICYMI: taking inspiration from famous mob wives, both real and fictional, this trend is all about embracing audacious, messy glamour – in terms of beauty it typically revolved around long hair that is both big and bouncy. But now bob lovers want in on the action. The mob bob hairstyle was supposedly coined by TikToker, hair stylist and educator Faye Redfern, who opened up a conversation about the cut it in a video back in January. ‘The mob wife haircut is a take on a really chunky, ‘90s bob,’ she explained. ‘A lot of fullness on the ends […] a lot of swing in the blow dry, so it looks really fun and curved.’

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And if it looks familiar, it’s because celebrities are already taking the tenets of the mob bob into their hair routine. ‘I’ve seen many celebrities and influencers wear the hairstyle,’ confirms Eugenie. ‘Kim Kardashian, Bella Hadid, Hailey Bieber, Kylie Jenner – all of these women have already tried the hairstyle. And we can see why; it’s a simple but gorgeous look that requires minimal styling and maintenance, which everyone desires.’

Who Suits This Haircut?

While everyone is encouraged to give the trend a go, Eugenie highlights that it’s best suited for straight and wavy hair. ‘For afro hair, it’s important for your hair to be properly blow dried and straightened,’ she says. ‘For more volume, make sure to add tracks.’

How To Ask For A Mob Bob In The Salon

When it comes to asking your stylist for a mob bob, you’ll want to emphasise the wish for volume and glamour – the mob wives would want nothing less – alongside the shorter length. You can also bring along some pictures of the hairstyle, making a note of specific features you would like to try for yourself.

@larajohnsonlifestyle ‘THE MOB BOB’ ❤️‍🔥 The trending haircut that we can’t get enough of. Blending mob wife with bob life finished off with a bouncy blow-dry… we are in love 🥹 #mobbob #mobwifeaesthetic #bob #bouncybob #bouncyblowdry #blowout #shorthair #hairgoals #90sbob #chunkybob #thickhair ♬ west coast apollo353 remix – uiitraviolence

How To Style A Mob Bob

‘Use a good blow dry to achieve a bouncy and lightweight mob bob,’ advises Eugenie. ‘Then apply a light hairspray to keep it in place and to add a bit more volume to the hairstyle.’

As for keeping it all in place for second-day-wear, ‘wrap it at night with a bonnet – this is one of the most important things to remember when it comes to maintaining this look.’

The Future Of The Mob Bob

How can we make the hairstyle even more appealing? If you’re Eugenie, you add a fringe. ‘I believe more people will start styling it with fringes and, overall, have fun with the bob as it’s such a fun look.’

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Quotes by Eugenie Mendy @ 7even Management

Featured image: AW24 Copenhagen Fashion Week Streetstyle (c) Noor-u-Nisa