Texan Hair Is The Beyoncé-Approved Trend Of 2024
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Texan Hair Is The Beyoncé-Approved Trend Of 2024

As they say, 'the bigger, the better'

The Super Bowl might have been and gone, but we’re still thinking about that ultra-bouncy blowout touted by Beyoncé as she announced her upcoming country-inspired album. As the musician also drops her first haircare brand, Cécred, we look back at her country-coded golden locks (which were crafted using Cécred products) and seek out the advice of professional stylists to find out how to recreate her signature Texan hair.

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What Is Texan Hair?

‘Texan hair means big hair,’ explains Wes Sharpton, resident stylist at Hairstory. ‘Texas-born hair has been known for its volume and height, with those adopting the hairstyle taking the mantra: “the higher the hair, the closer to god.”’

‘Women in Louisiana, Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama have always been known to have big, bold hair, regardless of the era,’ adds Neil Moodie, top editorial stylist and founder of the Neil Moodie Studio. ‘Dolly Parton was the prime example. The gravity-defying style is reminiscent of the 70s and 80s, and was extremely popular with female country singers and rock stars.’

@yeshipolitoo Beyonces hair at the Super Bowl was giving everything it needed to give! Yall know I’m all about a super voluminous, side swept bang look! Beauty pageant, 80s, the bigger the hair, the closer to god vibes 💅🏼 The trick here is to use different size rollers & curl downward. Plus add lots of hairspray to keep that texture fluffy!! #hairtutorial #beyonce #beyoncehair #beyoncesuperbowl #texasholdem #cecred #voluminoushair ♬ TEXAS HOLD ‘EM – Beyoncé

As Neil mentioned, Texan hair has long been a staple of the country music scene – but recently, the style has entered mainstream popularity, largely in thanks to Beyoncé. ‘We saw bigger voluminous hair make a comeback last year with the return of supermodel blow dries, but Beyoncé’s appearance at the 2024 Super Bowl with her big bouncy hair has catapulted us into Texas world,’ says Neil. ‘She is about to release a country music album, so I guess it’s her nod to the genre. When we think of Texan hair, we think of big names like Dolly Parton, Racquel Welch, Shania Twain and Jerry Hall.’

‘Beyoncé’s announcement of Renaissance Act II with the new single ‘Texas Hold Em’, shines a light on both country music and country style,’ adds Wes. ‘Think the OG of country music, Dolly Parton, as well as other big-haired powerhouse singers like Bonnie Tyler and Reba McEnitre.’

How Does It Differ From Other Voluminous Hairstyles?

So, from what we’ve gathered, Texan hair is all about the bigness, the volume, the drama – but what makes it any different from other big hairstyles, like the aforementioned supermodel blow dry? ‘It’s bigger, bouncier and I think curlier too,’ highlights Neil. ‘The 90s blow dry has a smoother finish to it, whereas this has obvious luscious curls that feel less brushed out.’

‘It’s said that everything is just bigger in Texas, so this hair style is more about exaggeration,’ adds Wes. ‘While 80s supermodel blowouts were voluminous, they still allow a lot of movement and “swish” from side to side. Texas country hair was built to last, and so is built up with a whole lot of hairspray. Modern Texan hair is actually more of a combination of the two – all the exaggeration of the original but without the stiffness.’

How To Ask For Texan Hair In The Salon (& What To Expect)

As always, remember to bring reference photos for your stylist. ‘I think it’s important to have images to show your stylist what you are thinking,’ agrees Neil. ‘Tell them you are thinking of old country and western style singers, or Beyoncé at the Super Bowl.’

And for the specifics, Wes suggests you ‘ask that the length and layers can be cut to help build more volume, as lightening up your hair can actually create the illusion of more volume. Then there’s the option of extensions and possibly the comeback of the perm – wigs will also be a great option here,’ he says. ‘You might need to prepare your calendar too; going for a standard cut and style doesn’t usually allow for this level of styling, so it’s more appropriate to book in extra time. This is definitely a style where you want to book an experienced stylist, who can style for an evening out.’

@rickymotahair Beyoncé Super Bowl hair #beyonce #superbowl #superbowl2024 #fyp #hairtok #parati #texasholdem ♬ original sound – R I C K Y 🇩🇴🇵🇷

Once you’re sat in the chair, expect a multi-step process to achieve your desired state of Texan hair. ‘In the salon, we would prep the hair with product first,’ explains Neil. ‘We would then blow dry with a medium size round brush, creating as much root volume as possible and as much curl through the ends, setting each dried section with the cold shot on the dryer (note that the fringe area should be dried up and away from the face).

‘Once dried, we would use medium and large-sized rollers in a set together after blow-drying and keep the hair in the rollers until they cool completely,’ he continues. ‘Heated rollers would be good for this rather than regular Velcro rollers as they will help to set the look in more. Once the hair has cooled down and been spritzed with hairspray, the rollers would be removed and the hair brushed out into the desired finished style. One more general misting of hairspray would then be done to keep everything in place.’

Who Suits This Hairstyle?

‘Texan hair pretty much works for everyone,’ says Neil, much to our delight. ‘If your face is rounder, I would suggest not to make it too wide on the sides. If you have curly or coily hair I suggest using an anti-humectant spray, so the hair doesn’t start to revert back to its natural state easily. People with fine hair can achieve more volume by adding volumizing hair products at their roots and blow-drying their hair upside down with a round brush before putting the hair in rollers.’

Tips For Styling Texan Hair

Keen to try out the look yourself? When it comes to styling Texan hair at home, our stylists recommend working with clean hair as a base, before moving on to the curling process. ‘It’s better that your hair is clean to begin with,’ advises Neil. ‘And for the heated rollers, the longer you can leave them in your hair the better the result.’

‘If you opt to style your natural hair, you must protect it with heat protection,’ adds Wes. ‘You can also skip the styling and just opt for a wig, if you prefer.’

The Future Of Texan Hair

Beyoncé has officially opened the door on Texan hair, so we expect to see it crop up again and again over the next few years – although our stylists reckon it will be with a more subdued, everyday vibe. ‘It might translate into more volume in the future, but I think will be most popular on the odd occasion for a fun night-out look,’ says Wes. ‘I don’t see a full commitment to re-creating this look at home after every wash day or going to the salon to have it done, but if it’s a Texan wig that’s being used, there’s no reason this can’t be worn regularly.’

‘If you’re a lover of big bouncy hair then this will probably evolve into being smoother but still voluminous, which is always a trend on the red carpet,’ adds Neil.

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