Meet The New Bob Hairstyle That Pairs Perfectly With Your Dad Trainers

By Charlie Colville

5 days ago

The year of the dad is upon us

Another day, another bob – and this one’s for the dad aesthetic enthusiasts amongst us. Here’s how to nail the low-maintenance haircut, according to professional stylists.

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What Is A Dad Bob?

‘The dad bob is a longer, slightly more relaxed version of the French bob,’ explains Poppy Hampton, a stylist at MAYFIVE Hair. ‘It sits anywhere between the chin and collarbone, and has an effortlessly cool 90s vibe. ‘”Dad” style has been huge for a while and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere; the chunky dad trainers, dad jeans and oversized fits are seen everywhere at the minute, and the dad bob is the perfect accompaniment to this aesthetic.’

It’s no secret that bobs are having a moment – on TikTok, for example, there are over 208 million posts tagged under #bobhaircut – but the dad bob provides the perfect short-but-long in-between for those trying a shorter cut for the first time. ‘It’s an overgrown, blockier bob,’ says Mason Josh, principal stylist at Josh Wood Atelier. ‘It’s a nice transition look. Equally, if you are looking to test out a shorter look, it is a bit easier to try than going for the ultimate chop as you’ve still got a lot of hair to play with.’

The cut is also proving popular amongst celebrities, notes Poppy. ‘Hailey Bieber has recently gone for the chop and it looks so cool and chic,’ she says. ‘I’ve also seen lots of influencers on Instagram who are also embracing the trend.’ Some other notable names donning the dad bob include Sydney Sweeney, Emma Stone and Jennifer Lopez.

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Who Suits This Haircut?

Good news: ‘A dad bob can suit a whole range of hair and face shapes and textures,’ says Mason. ‘It can be worn formal and polished, it can be worn with natural curls. In terms of face shapes, anyone would suit this look; you should work with your stylist on making sure the face framing pieces are complimentary to your shape.’

How To Ask For A Dad Bob In The Salon

‘You want to ask for a blunt cut,’ says Poppy. ‘And if you have finer hair this is perfect for making it appear thicker. If your hair is thick then some light layering and texturising will help to avoid it looking too triangular.’ If in doubt, bring plenty of reference imagery that showcases features of the cut you like – this will give your stylist a better idea of how to narrow down your bob.

How To Style A Dad Bob

Our experts suggest experimenting with your new hair to really get a feel for how you want to style it. ‘Styling a dad depends on the natural hair,’ says Mason. ‘But don’t apply too much product; lean towards your natural texture and have fun with it.’

‘This is such a versatile look while still being low commitment,’ adds Poppy. ‘It doesn’t have to mean a completely new hair routine, either. You can blow it out with some bounce for a 90s feel. If your hair has a natural curly texture you can wear it natural with some curl product. If you’re having a lazy day (or it’s hair wash day) you can do a half up half down with a claw clip. It can be tonged for a beachy feel – and now that we’re coming into summer, you can even leave it to air dry and embrace natural texture.’

The Future Of The Dad Bob

While the key tenets of the dad bob won’t fade away any time soon, our experts predict that the cut will lean even further into nostalgic styling. ‘I’d say the dad bob will stay with the 90s feel,’ confirms Poppy. ‘We’ll see more of this haircut being styled with the blow-out vibe; think kicked out ends and volume.’

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