Skin Longevity: What It Is & How To Master It

By CTH Editors

4 weeks ago

We get the rundown from Dr Ariel Haus

From acne to body sculpting, Dr Ariel Haus is at the forefront of skin longevity. Here’s everything you need to know.

Dr Haus’ Guide To Skin Longevity

Dermatology clinic with white shelves lined with skincare products

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It’s rare to find a centre of excellence for both medical dermatology and the very latest aesthetic treatments under one roof, but Dr Ariel Haus has created exactly that at his Harley Street clinic, which occupies a listed 18th-century townhouse. His combined approach of medical aesthetics with clinical dermatology has made him one of the most sought-after doctors in his field.

Whether you’re concerned about skin cancer, rosacea, teenage acne or are simply curious to discover the very latest non-surgical, skin-tightening and lifting procedures for the face and body, Dr Haus or one of his team of leading dermatologists and nurses are at your disposal.  And it’s not only their medical and aesthetic knowledge that stands out, but the warm and welcoming patient experience, from the reception team to aftercare which Dr Haus Dermatology has become known for.

After medical school in his home city of Rio de Janeiro, Dr Haus pivoted to dermatology after hearing one of the founding fathers of plastic surgery, Professor Ivo Pitanguy, speak about the positive psychological impact surgery had on burn victims he’d treated. Realising the connection between physical appearance and mental wellbeing, Dr Haus developed a passion for dermatology which led him on a distinguished career path working for the NHS before opening his private practice in London nearly 15 years ago.

‘The buzzword today is longevity,’ says Dr Haus. ‘What I find exciting is the advancements in laser technology and energy treatments like Ultherapy which in the right hands can provide facelift type results.’

Dr Haus conducting a dermatology treatment in his clinic

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The majority of Dr Haus’ Harley Street patients want to look ‘great but not “done”’, which is created by a layered treatment plan combining the very latest lasers to even out skin tone, remove pigmentation and redness with some clever Ultherapy to sculpt and tighten. The results are impressive.

And with summer approaching there is a rising demand for body concerns like cellulite, which can be treated with a wide range of non-surgical body sculpting treatments such as the new Exion, which uses a combination of monopolar radiofrequency and targeted ultrasound for localised fat reduction and improved skin laxity. It also boosts the production of collagen and elastin.

There’s also a brand new non-surgical double chin treatment available which is proving popular with both male and female patients. It combines radiofrequency with muscle stimulation to reduce double chin fat, giving the jawline a more defined and sculpted look. Dr Haus’ clinic is one of the first in the UK to offer this treatment.

It’s being one of the first to harness the latest technologies for treatments like this with an old school expertise in dermatology that gives Dr Haus’ patients the excellence they expect – optimum skin health with transformative aesthetic treatments.


75 Harley Street, W1. +44 (0)20 7935 6358. [email protected]; @drarielhaus.