What Is Mindful Aesthetics? The 2024 Trends To Know Now

By Rebecca Cox

5 months ago

(And why should we care?)

Our actions and motivations are under the microscope in all areas of life, with economic and environmental pressures adding to lifestyle and cultural decisions. The aesthetics industry is no different, meaning ‘mindful aesthetics’ is trending for 2024. But what is it, and why should we care?

What Is Mindful Aesthetics?

The concept of mindful aesthetics is the trend to know right now, fast shaping the future of the industry. It is a more holistic approach to beauty and wellbeing, which is driving the projected growth of the aesthetics market. Mindful aesthetics embodies a movement towards minimal, sustainable, ethical, and natural aesthetic products, reflecting a shift away from artificial-looking results. 

This approach also aligns with environmental motivations and is underpinned by the ethos of “less is more,” with consumers increasingly embracing products that have minimal environmental impact and that match their ethical values. Rather than being solely trend-based, mindful aesthetics represents a fundamental shift in consumer preferences and values. As society becomes more conscious of the impact of products on health and the environment, there is a growing expectation for transparency, sustainability, and ethical accountability from brands. 

So why should we care? The market is expected to nearly double in value and reach $25.9 billion by 2028. Data and trend projections come from the NEXT report by Galderma, a leader in dermatology, which has identified key trends and macro-movements that are set to influence the future of aesthetic treatments. Trends stem from data and insights from industry influencers and leading aesthetic practitioners across the globe.

What Else Is Trending In Aesthetics?

Galderma’s NEXT report also identifies the following trends to watch in the aesthetics world. 

Proactive Beauty

A new age of preventative aesthetics is imminent, with a focus on managing the ageing process through early intervention. This trend reflects a move towards treatments that address ageing before it becomes apparent, embracing a proactive approach across all age groups. This is often referred to as prejuvenation treatment.

Fast Aesthetics

Perhaps a contradiction to the mindful aesthetics trend, the desire for novelty and newness in aesthetic treatments is driving a fast aesthetics trend. This reflects the influence of social media and viral trends on aesthetic preferences, leading to an increased demand for treatments that can quickly adapt to the latest fashions. 

Beauty Fandom

The beauty fandom trend indulges in the fascination with niche idolisation, from cultural icons to digital filters and even anime. This trend is leading to a desire for metamorphosis, and is all about the influence of social media and celebrity performers on aesthetic preferences. 


Expressionality celebrates the empowerment that comes from creating and enhancing one’s own identity through aesthetics. This reflects a shift towards treatments that allow individuals to express their unique identities, embracing the fluid nature of beauty and self-expression. 

Cancelling Age

The cancelling age trend reflects the evolving desire to not be defined by one’s age, driving an increased demand for treatments that preserve and enhance beauty rather than solely reverse ageing. This trend signifies a shift towards embracing age as a fluid concept, with consumers seeking treatments that support their individual beauty at any stage of life. Is this the antidote to anti-ageing rhetoric in aesthetics? Only time (ironically) will tell.