10 Steps To Enhance Your Bedtime Routine

By Nathalie Eleni

3 years ago

Beauty Director Nathalie Eleni helps us get a better night’s sleep

If you’re finding it difficult to drop off to sleep at the moment; you’re not alone. With increased stress levels and so much uncertainty, many people are finding that their sleep is negatively impacted. One way to help? Improve your sleep health with an enhanced bedtime routine. Try these 10 steps to success…

10 Steps To Improve Your Bedtime Routine

  1. Light a beautiful relaxing candle as you start your night time beauty ritual. You will begin to associate the scent with bedtime and  to calm you ever more each day. TRY: This Works Deep Sleep Heavenly Candle, £26
  2. Start the night with a relaxing soak in a Himalayan salt bath, which balances the body’s pH, increases circulation and eliminates toxins. For a relaxing home spa experience apply a cupful to a warm bath and lie back and relax for 20 minutes to let the salts work their magic.TRY: Westlab Himalayan Salt, £4.99
  3. Slathering on a delicious body cream straight after your bath will make skin feel gorgeous when it’s cocooned in your bed clothes and duvet. TRY: Guava and Gold Coco & Cherimoya Body Lotion, £34
  4. Get your brain into comfort mode by slipping into some soft and comforting night wear. TRY: Ms Campbell Black Cotton Sleep Robe, £80
  5. Double cleanse to prepare your skin for sleep. A luxurious cleansing oil will help to remove impurities whilst creating a luxurious spa like experience. Try Biossance Squalane + Antioxidant Cleansing Oil, £25
  6. A nourishing oil applied to skin with massage movements before bed will do wonders for your skin. Here I have put a simple bedtime massage video together with some relaxing lymphatic drainage movements and muscle relaxing movements. TRY: Augustinus Bader The Face Oil, £65
  7. Eyes can show the first signs of fatigue and dehydration, so give them an evening treat with a nourishing probiotic eye cream. This will help regenerate the delicate eye area – only a small amount is needed, just pat it around the eye orbit. TRY: Esse Eye Contour Cream. £105
  8. Spritz your pillow with a deeply relaxing aromatherapy oil blend. Take some deep breaths to let the oils help you drift into a state of calm relaxation. TRY: Bamford B Silent Night-Time Pillow Mist, £20
  9. Cold months can leave lips parched, so apply a deeply nourishing lip mask before bed and let it soothe and repair. TRY: ILIA Beauty Lip Wrap Hydrating Mask. £25
  10. CBD oil has been show to improve sleep quality, making it the perfect bedtime accompaniment. TRY: 1000mg CBD, Ashwagandha And Vitamin D Tincture, £74.99

Night Night.


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