How To Layer Your Skincare Products
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How To Layer Your Skincare Products

A step-by-step guide to skincare layering

Country & Town House’s Beauty Director, Nathalie Eleni, tells us how to layer our skincare products for the ultimate result.

How To Layer Your Skincare Products


Nathalie’s Top Tips for Layering

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Step 1: Make sure you have freshly cleansed skin

Rhug Wild Beauty Deep Cleansing Balm With Wild Berries, £65,

Nat’s comment: ‘This is a gloriously luxurious cleansing balm, which will leave skin feeling so hydrated.’

Bottle of serum with a dropper

Step 2: Apply an antioxidant serum

Skin Design C Antioxidant Glow Serum, £135,

Nat’s comment: ‘I then press on a hydration-locking serum, really working it into all areas including the backs of my hands.’

White serum bottle next to white box

Step 3: Add another layer of hydration

Biotell Hyaluronic Serum, £60,

Nat’s comment: ‘This is realy great for retaining moisture. I’m applying it everywhere, even under my eyes to help with any dehydration lines.’

Black bottle with pump

Step 4: Layer on a skin repair serum

Wildsmith Skin Active Repair Copper Peptide Serum, £95,

Nat’s comment: ‘This is just going to help with an skin repair, and is really great for sensitive skin.’

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Step 5: Seal in all the ingredients with a facial oil

Derm Institute Youth Academy Repairing Oil, £200,

Nat’s comment: ‘Here we’re just sealing in all of the ingredients and building up the hydration layer.’

Blue bottle of SPF cream

Step 6: Protect your skin with SPF

Coola Face Lotion SPF 50 Unscented, £30,

Nat’s comment: ‘Once absorbed, apply your SPF. I’m using Coola SPF50, which is really creamy  and absorbs easily. I’m really thoroughly applying this over my face, decolletage and the backs of my hands for glowing, hydrated, protected skin.’

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Featured image: Sora Shimazaki, Pexels