How To Achieve The Perfect Smile
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How To Achieve The Perfect Smile

Pearly whites at the ready

Our relationship with our teeth isn’t always smooth, and one blemish can completely knock what confidence you have in photos and social settings. We’ve teamed up with luxury pharmacy John Bell & Croyden to share the team’s top tips for maintaining healthy teeth and the products that will help you achieve your best smile.

How To Achieve The Perfect Smile

Where do we start?

First things first: making sure you have a healthy smile. ‘Creating an aesthetically perfect smile begins with the healthiest foundations,’ says Reena Wadia, a Principal and Specialist Periodontist and the founder of RW Perio. ‘In-clinic we have noticed a recent dramatic shift in the world of dentistry post-pandemic, as patients adopt a health-first approach.

‘An investment in your oral health is an investment in your general health,’ she continues. ‘To enable us to invest our efforts into any routine for the long term we require a regime that is quick, streamlined and highly effective. The language of the health and beauty industry is changing dramatically – for us to look good we need to feel good, and an effective dental edit is vital for a healthy mouth and healthy body as a bright smile is immediately a signal for good health and wellbeing.’

Your teeth and gums can also clue you in if something bigger is amiss, Reena points out. ‘It’s often overlooked, but gum disease is the most common disease in humans among all age groups as too many people ignore symptoms like bleeding gums – even though you wouldn’t ignore bleeding from another part of yourbody. A healthy body begins with a healthy mouth, and there is a clear link between oral health and general health. There is now evidence to suggest links between gum disease and many other inflammatory conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, kidney disease and Alzheimer’s.’

Wellbeing and beauty go hand-in-hand when it comes dental care, it seems. So in order to achieve those pearly whites you so crave, you need to make sure you’re looking after your mouth as a whole – through regular check-ups at the dentist and by using the products that will support and strengthen your teeth and gums.

How are dental products adapting?

At John Bell & Croyden, the selection of dental products available has never been better. ‘The dental category is growing at a fast rate due to lots of exciting, innovative products being added to the range,’ says Sasha Simpson, a buyer at John Bell & Croyden. ‘Whitening products continue to trend as bestsellers, along with products such as interdental brushes, medicated mouthwashes and water flossers. Technical toothpastes have long been a customer favourite, where the paste both strengthens teeth and protects the gums for all-round oral health.’

Interested in polishing up your grin? Get started with our pick of the best products below…

10 Dental Products To Try Now

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Rose gold electric toothbrush

Spotlight Oral Care Rose Gold Limited Edition Sonic Toothbrush, £110,

You won’t get very far on your quest for great teeth without an electric toothbrush. Designed by dentists, this one uses sonic technology to gently, yet deeply, clean your teeth and gums. There’s three settings available, so you can easily find the right pressure for you.

Black electric toothbrush

Polished London Sonic XP Electric Toothbrush Black Edition, £74.99, 

And speaking of toothbrushes, Polished London’s should be on the list of those struggling with sensitive teeth and gums. Designed to remove up to 10 times more plaque than a regular toothbrush, the Sonic XP is not only built for gentle cleaning, but polishing teeth (and removing stains) for a whiter smile too.

Water flosser and box

Spotlight Oral Care Water Flosser, £89.95,

Ever had something stuck in your teeth and struggled to reach it with regular floss? A water flosser can target those hard-to-reach areas between the teeth and below the gum line, removing bacteria without causing irritation.

Teeth whitening kit

Polished London Teeth Whitening Kit, £49.99,

Want dentist-worthy results at home? Polished London’s award-winning teeth whitening kit is dentist-tested, peroxide-free and promises not to irritate sensitive teeth. Using LED Dual Light Technology, the kit breaks down and removes stains from the surface of your teeth to leave them brighter and healthier.

Box of toothpaste

Swiss Smile Swiss Diamond Glow Toothpaste, £54,

Another toothpaste to sink your teeth into, Swiss Diamond’s fancy glow formula contains one carat of the finest diamond particles to gently smooth each tooth’s surface for an overall whiter finish. The addition of curcumin also helps in the long run by preventing plaque build-up.

Box of whitening toothpaste

Spotlight Oral Care Toothpaste For Whitening, £9.50,

Packed with active ingredients like fluoride, Spotlight Oral Care’s hero toothpaste was designed to whiten and strengthen teeth – leaving users feeling clean and refreshed (and ready to smile the day away).

White bottle of mouthwash with black cap

Spotlight Oral Care Teeth Mouthwash for Whitening, £12.99,

With an alcohol-free formula designed to match the effects of whitening powder, this mouthwash deals a double blow by lightening teeth while also strengthening oral tissues.

Silver teeth whitening pen

Smiletime Teeth Whitening Pen, £16.99,

In need of a quick boost? Smiletime’s teeth whitening pen promises results in just one minute after use, for instant smile-brightener and highlighter effect. An ideal bit of kit to have for any upcoming photo sessions.

Box of teeth whitening strips

Polished London Teeth Whitening Strips, £24.99,

Promising results in just 14 days, these whitening strips from Polished London gently remove stains to leave teeth looking brighter. Made without harmful chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide, these strips are vegan, cruelty-free and non-invasive (a win for those with sensitive teeth).

Box of teeth whitening powder

Polished London Teeth Whitening Powder, £25.99,

Stubborn stains are a thing of the past with this teeth whitening powder. Goodbye tobacco, tea and wine, and hello smooth, brighter-looking teeth. You’ll feek dentist-fresh in no time.

This article is brought to you in partnership with John Bell & Croyden, where you can find hundreds of globally sourced well-being and beauty products to get you through the seasons.

Featured image: Lesly Juarez, Unsplash