Why The Wolf Cut Is Still Thriving In 2024

By Charlie Colville

5 months ago

The TikTok haircut doing the rounds this season

In need of a new do? Simmering on our Pinterest boards is the wolf cut, a rockstar-worthy hairstyle that boasts a 90’s-inspired shaggy look. Fusing the mullet and shag into one, this is THE haircut for making a statement. Here’s how to get one at the salon.

What Is A Wolf Cut?

‘The wolf cut, sometimes styled as just “wolfcut”, is a combination of the mullet and shag haircut,’ says Katie Allan, hair stylist and founder of MAYFIVE Hair. ‘It takes on a mullet with its short, choppy layers and a shag cut with its heavy fringe, and even though the shape is discounted it still flows.’ While wolf cuts are more generally created using longer layers of hair, it’s a style that can be recreated for multiple hair length as long as it keeps the signature wild shape.

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Is It A Mullet?

While aspects of the mullet can be seen in the wolf cut, it is not just a mullet. This new style has been inspired by the choppier texture and pattern of a mullet (‘business in the front, party in the back’ and all that), but is overall a lot softer in appearance. It’s not as jarring as a mullet due to the inclusion of the shag, which allows it to have many more layers running through it and keep a more consistent length than the ‘short front, long back’ formula.

How To Ask For A Wolf Cut In The Salon (& What To Expect)

Always bring reference photos to your appointment when trying out a new hairstyle, as this will help your stylist tailor the look to your preferences and features. It’s always best to get this haircut done professionally, as it involves the creation of lots of layers. Book a consultation with your favourite hairdresser and show them a Pinterest board or a hair style you really like. It’s important at this stage to communicate exactly what you want so you can work together to get a look you’re happy with.

As for what to expect when you’re sat in the chair, Katie tells us that, ‘To create wolf cut hair, you take a zig zag section around the occipital bone and isolate this out as your length. Using a razor, you then segment pivotal sections from the crown and slice the hair from the crown down in a concave manor. You can then release the underneath lower section, cut the base using the razor and slice the ends with a concave layer to give some texture.

‘You need to make sure that you allow enough hair to fall forward around the face to have length to play with, allowing the bang to softly frame the face. Check your client’s recession first to make sure there is plenty of hair there to allow for this.’

Who Suits A Wolf Cut?

The short answer is: everyone. Katie tells us that anyone can try a wolf cut for themselves, they’ll just need to consider how the style will work with their hair type and different hair textures. ‘This is definitely an ideal style for both smooth and textured hair, however it works best with the latter. If someone’s hair is very “glassy” and “straight” it will be very difficult to achieve the right finish in the hair easily. It will need to be manipulated a lot with staying products and tools.

‘Wolf cuts can also work for both men and women. It isn’t a gendered look so there is absolutely no reason why this haircut isn’t an option for everyone.’

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How Can We Look After A Wolf Cut At Home?

Less is more, says Katie: ‘Don’t attempt to cut it yourself! Leave it to the experts. Most hair salons offer a complimentary fringe trim service in between appointments which will allow you to maintain your style.’

Why Is It Trending Again?

The wolf cut may have crept onto our feeds sometime during 2020, but the buzz surrounding the hair style has certainly not fizzled out. In an era where many people are facing more restrictions than ever, expressing ourselves in ways that are fun, youthful and ‘untameable’ seems inevitable.

‘With key celebrities like Billie Eilish and Miley Cyrus rocking this look, it’s easy to see how wolf cut hair has filtered through to TikTok and other social platforms which in turn have set a trend for younger audiences – especially those looking to get that 90’s nostalgia look.’

There’s only one thing left to ask: will you brave the wolf cut?

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