Is The Men's Military Haircut Making A Comeback?
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Is The Men’s Military Haircut Making A Comeback?

Meet the veteran hair trend taking over barber shops

While the world of men’s hair is ever-evolving, there are some trends that remain timeless for a reason. One such style on our radar is the military haircut, which seems to be making a comeback this year. Here’s everything you need to know about the cut, including how to style it at home.

What Is A Military Haircut?

‘A military haircut is a men’s hairstyle that can be characterised by its neat and uniform appearance, often featuring short hair on the sides and back of the head – with slightly longer hair on top,’ explains George Newton-Beck, a stylist at Blue Tit Clapton. ‘It is designed to be practical and low maintenance, so it can look smart throughout the day; think of it as the haircut you can wear to the gym without having to style afterwards.’

We see the appeal, but where did the hairstyle come from – and why has it suddenly become so popular in salons and barbershops? ‘As the name suggests, this trend has originated from military grooming standards,’ George tells us. ‘Despite its history, the new trend of the military haircut can be versatile and tailored to most clients. It’s this combined with its versatility and low maintenance status that is likely making it so popular these days. It gives a sharp clean look with less styling and can give a masculine feel, enhancing features like the jawline.’

It’s also a haircut that’s proving popular amongst many celebrities, says George, who points out actor Will Smith, footballer Phil Foden and musician Aitch as some key faces wearing the trend.

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Who Suits This Haircut?

The versatility of the military haircut makes it easy to adapt to most face shapes, since the length on top and the height of the fade can both be adapted to personal preference. Although George notes that ‘a square face shape would suit this haircut well as it would help enhance the jawline the most.

‘The versatility of this cut really shines through when it comes to texture, ‘ he continues. ‘The design of this style makes it a perfect match for all hair types, from straight to curly. One thing to bear in mind though is the density of your hair – this cut could leave finer hair looking sparse. For those in this position I would recommend more of a French crop.’

How To Ask For A Military Haircut In The Salon (& What To Expect)

Before heading to your local salon or barber, make sure you do your research first. George recommends bringing picture references, and asking yourself things like ‘How short do you want to take it on top? How short do you want it on the side? Do you want it to be a fade?’

On the topic of fades, George says: ‘I find when a cut is the same length all-round the back it can look quite dated so I would recommend a fade. With this fashion forward trend a skin fade (going as short as you can right to the skin) works hand in hand with the new military cut.’

As for the appointment itself, it’s advised you head over with no product in your hair so that your stylist can assess its natural texture. Then, once you’re sat in the hot seat, your stylist will get to work on creating the military haircut. ‘When the hair is dry we use clippers on the desired grade (for example, grade 6) all over the head,’ says George. ‘Then we go to the shortest grade that the stylist and the client agree on and fade up into the top length; we use scissors over comb to create a seamless blend. The key to finish this modern trend is the hairline – we want to make sure the hairline is square using the clippers to create a sharp outline.’ 💈 ASMR BARBER – The High ‘n’ Tight – Military Haircut 💈 Done by @ben_the_oldschool_barber ⬅️ #asmr #barber #internationalbarbers #olschoolbarber #barbernation #thebarberpost # #mensgrooming #barbergang #barbering #barberlove #barberlifestyle #oldschoolhaircut #barberworld #classiccut #onlyclassicnoshit #barberconnect #top10barbers #barbershopconnect #traditionalbarber #flattop ♬ original sound – Hair Hood

How To Style A Military Haircut

As mentioned, the military haircut is a super low maintenance style – meaning it doesn’t need a lot when it comes to styling. George shares some of his tips below for styling the cut on different hair textures:

  • For wavy hair: use a soft wax and move your hair forward with your hands in a zigzag pattern to help work with the natural texture.
  • For curly hair: use a leave-in conditioner or curl cream then leave to dry naturally.
  • For straight hair: use texture powder or a firmer wax and again move your hair forward with your hands in a zigzag patter to help create that bit of texture.

How To Maintain A Military Haircut

The key to maintaining a military cut for long periods of time is getting a shorter cut the first time round, and then regular trims to top up the shape. George tells us that ‘the shorter you go on the sides, the longer the cut will last before it needs cutting again – although getting regular haircuts will help you maintain the cut.’

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