Here’s How To Style The Viral Italian Bob

By Charlie Colville

3 months ago

The Italian Job? More like the Italian bob

Forget the Scandi, forget the French – this season, it’s all about the Italian bob. Here’s how to get yours going and style it (without any effort) at home.

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What Is An Italian Bob?

Characterised by its rounded, face-framing edges and roughly chin-length cut, the Italian bob is a mid to short length hairstyle that’s been making waves for a few years now. Think chunky, blunt ends and minimal layers for an added thickness. ‘Picture this: a chic, chin-length cut with subtle layers that frame your face just right,’ adds Daniel Argenio, hair stylist and founder of 65 Walton. ‘The Italian bob is all about sleek sophistication with a touch of modern flair. It’s effortlessly chic, timeless and versatile.’

And the cut has become something of a hit on TikTok too – with a renewed interest led by salon (and social media regular) The Hair Bros. The hairstyle takes its cues old school Italy, with an emphasis on simplistic beauty routines that evoke a soft glamour. It’s natural hair, elevated with a layered length and effortless style.

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But why the sudden interest on the internet? ‘Well, darling, it’s no secret that everyone loves a classic with a twist,’ explains Daniel. ‘The Italian bob offers just that – it’s got that timeless appeal but with a contemporary edge. Plus, with social media and celebs flaunting it left and right, it’s hard not to fall in love.’ He also tells us that some notable names to have tried the trend in recent years include Bella Hadid, Margot Robbie and Kaia Gerber: ‘Celebs are totally smitten with the Italian bob. It’s become the go-to style for those who want to turn heads with effortless elegance.’

How Does It Differ From A French Or Scandi Bob?

ICYMI: European bobs are the thing of the moment. First there was the Scandi, then the French, and now the Italian – so what makes the latter stand out from the crowd? ‘Think of it like this: the French bob is more romantic and blunt, while the Scandi bob has that laid-back vibe,’ explains Daniel. ‘The Italian bob? It’s sleeker, with subtle layers for that extra oomph.’

You’ll also find that a French bob is shorter, sitting above the chin, and often features a chic fringe, while the Scandi bob has a deep side part – the Italian bob, meanwhile, can be parted both in the centre or to the side, and has a bit more length (think long enough to tie up, but short enough that it wouldn’t be mistaken for anything other than a bob or lob).

Who Suits This Cut?

Being one of the more versatile short hairstyles in the salon, you’ll find that the Italian bob is easier to tailor to more people. ‘The beauty of the Italian bob is its versatility,’ confirms Daniel. ‘It complements a variety of face shapes, but it really shines on oval and heart-shaped faces. As for hair textures, straight to wavy hair will truly make it sing.’

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How To Ask For An Italian Bob In The Salon?

‘Communication is key, honey,’ highlights Daniel, who emphasises the importance of coming to the salon with a clear idea of what you’re after. ‘Just come prepared with some inspiration pictures and be clear about your desired length and styling preferences. Oh, and don’t forget to mention if you’re thinking of adding any fun twists – we love a bit of creativity!

‘Once we’ve got your vision locked in, it’s time to work our magic,’ he continues. ‘We’ll carefully sculpt those layers and finesse every detail to ensure your Italian bob is nothing short of perfection.’

How To Style An Italian Bob At Home

The beauty of the Italian bob is its emphasis on natural texture – making it one of the easiest haircuts to style. Air drying your hair and letting it do its thing is the best way to style an Italian bob, although Daniel does advise investing in ‘some quality styling products tailored to your hair type – think smoothing serums or lightweight mousses’ if you want something a little more elevated.

If using a hair dryer, you can run some hair mousse through the strands with a brush and then dry your hair with your head tilted sown so that the strands fall upside down; this will give it an extra kick of volume once you flick it back over.

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The Future of the Italian Bob

Another classic trend, we don’t think the Italian bob is going anywhere anytime soon – but Daniel’s open to any suggestions. ‘While the Italian bob’s timeless charm ensures its staying power, we can expect to see some exciting twists and turns along the way,’ he says. ‘Fashion is all about evolution, after all.’

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