‘­There is so much to be learnt from horses’: Finding Therapy With Horse Whisperer Natasha Albeer

By Olivia Falcon

10 months ago

Olivia Falcon revs up her horsepower on the South Downs

Olivia Falcon meets shamanic horse whisperer, Natasha Albeer, who teaches her how horsemanship can help us lead a happier life. 

Meeting Natasha Albeer, Horse Whisperer & Founder Of Natural with Horses

For anyone grappling with parenting teens, toddlers and all ages in between, or if you’re simply emotionally exhausted with the demands of life and looking for some clarity and peace of mind, I have a great tip to share.

Last week, I played hooky from work and drove to the South Downs National Park to a pretty farmhouse to see horse whisperer Natasha Albeer and her three horses: Delios, Jack, and a brown mare called Astral.

A reiki master and shamanic practitioner, Natasha has travelled the world living with indigenous communities such as the Mayan people in Mexico, the Tohono tribe from Arizona and Aboriginals in Queensland, who have all taught her natural horsemanship that in turn, she now uses as a tool to engineer some powerful therapy.

Shamanic horse whisperer, Natasha Albeer, with one of her horses

Shamanic horse whisperer, Natasha Albeer, with one of her horses

‘­There is so much to be learnt from horses,’ explains Natasha, whose small business Natural with Horses offers a range of private sessions (from £100 per hour) and courses that teach emotional intelligence, boundary setting, leadership skills and team building.

‘I use horses as a model to show people of all ages how they can live in a different way. Horses mirror our core feelings and state of being. They help to overcome fears, release negative patterns, triggers and emotional blocks to live a more positive, happy life.’

After some shamanic drumming in the classroom (that Natasha tells me mirrors our mother’s heartbeat) to switch off the logic mind and the voice of the ego, I’m out in the field nose to nose with the horses, in a strange but deeply comforting staring competition that weirdly throws up all sorts of emotions that Natasha notes on her clipboard.

Natasha leads me with the horse I connect with most, Astral, to a ring where I’m instructed how to use my body language and intentions to get Astral to walk on, stop and weave herself through a series of cones. As someone who is the classic people pleaser, who finds it hard to say no, and who often takes the easy option and heads down the path of least resistance when confronted with someone else having a meltdown, the lesson I learn is how to use my body language in a peaceful but firm way to get what I want.­ The horse follows my hand signals and the intention behind it like a puppy.

When I get home, I try my new skills on my husband, successfully leading him to a pile of washing up, and then again at bedtime on the children. Turns out they are all susceptible to my new horsepower. ­The takeaway here is if you’re feeling frustrated with all those around you or yourself, head to the horses for some real insight into your emotional state and some very handy new life skills.

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