Penhaligon’s: The Heritage Fragrance House Embracing The Future

By CTH Editors

6 months ago

Penhaligon's is a Great British Brand 2024

Penhaligon’s is an entry in our Great British Brands 2024 book. 

Penhaligon’s: Great British Brand 2024

‘Penhaligon’s creates innovative fragrances that take inspiration from the unexpected, yet we remain true to our British heritage. We couldn’t be prouder, for example, of our collaboration with Highgrove Gardens in creating Highgrove Bouquet. Inspired by the home of His Majesty King Charles III, the fragrance stays true to the principles of our founder, William Penhaligon: to create products of the highest quality, imbued with the elegance of our heritage.

We have launched a new collection of fragrances, Potions & Remedies, which blends our heritage with a contemporary twist. These five fragrances were created with emotional wellbeing in mind, and the notes of each fragrance reflect how the wearer might want to feel. This collection has really resonated with a younger audience and introduced Penhaligon’s to a new generation, especially in the UK.

Outside the UK, Penhaligon’s is expanding rapidly. We are among some of the top niche fragrance brands in China and the Middle East. It’s fantastic to see other parts of the globe embrace Penhaligon’s and what it represents: a quirky sense of Britishness as well as being a storyteller among fragrance houses. We can’t wait to continue to grow our success worldwide.

Looking forward, we’re using more technology to manufacture fragrances sustainably as well as connect with our customers in a variety of digital ways. However, we never want to lose that critical human touch at Penhaligon’s. Having our own stores plays a big part, and we continue to make the most of the physicality and service-driven nature of those elegant spaces. 

What else is on the horizon? Many new and exciting fragrances but we’re also expanding our Bath & Body and Home collections. We love to excite people and are looking forward to celebrating 154 years of Penhaligon’s in elevated and immersive ways across the globe.’

Julia Koeppen, Global General Manager

Five Proudest Moments

  1. In 1870, Cornish barber William Penhaligon opened his shop on Jermyn Street
  2. In 1902, Walter Penhaligon was commissioned to create a scent for the 9th Duke of Marlborough. Blenheim Bouquet is still sold today.
  3. Queen Consort Alexandra awarded Penhaligon’s its first warrant in 1903. Two more followed in 1956 and in 1988.
  4. Penhaligon’s champion heritage crafts through partnerships with The Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust and The Prince’s Foundation.
  5. In 2023, Penhaligon’s introduced Potions & Remedies, based on William Penhaligon’s Forgotten Formulas.

What I’ve Learnt

  • Surround yourself with passionate people and listen to all the voices in a room. Success isn’t possible without collaboration and communication.
  • Obstacles are opportunities and problems are possibilities. Changing your perception pushes creative solutions. 
  • Rest. Recharge. A healthy work-life balance is the key to giving your work 100 percent.


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