Boadicea The Victorious: Mystical Fragrance In Beautiful Keepsake Bottles

By CTH Editors

5 months ago

Boadicea the Victorious is a Great British Brand 2024

Boadicea the Victorious is an entry in our Great British Brands 2024 book.

Boadicea The Victorious: Great British Brand 2024

Lines of Boadicea the Victorious perfume bottles on a shelf

‘Last year was truly energising. We’ve opened in new territories and taken control of our distribution and manufacture, to ensure we’re trumpeting our British credentials in a rounded way. We are now in 93 stores across 44 countries and seeing real market growth in Japan. There’s undoubtedly a heightened appetite for Boadicea the Victorious.

We first launched our collection in Harrods in 2008. Unisex fragrance and niche brands were yet to accelerate into the market, so we were trailblazers. People are beguiled by the quality of the juice; they love the magic of the rounded, intriguing and often complex journey that each fragrance takes you on. 

The use of premium ingredients, sourced from around the world, inspires and challenges people to consider what fragrance best represents their identity. Every scent tells a story and people love discovering what connects with them.

The beauty of our now-renowned bottles has always been traffic-stopping, illustrating our commitment to quality inside and out. People can now select a bottle colour and choose from a wide variety of shields, along with their favourite Boadicea scent, for a truly personalised experience. The online configuration tool is not only fun, but resonates with the Boadicea message of freedom to express oneself.

All bottles are handcrafted in the UK and the shields and lids are hand-made by a seventh- generation pewter factory in Birmingham. The shields are inspired by Celtic history and Boadicea’s story – her strength, passion and commitment are threaded through the brand’s DNA. Attention to detail is always important and we’re also always innovating, never taking anything for granted. Discerning perfumer lovers seek out the brand for its exquisite quality and we have so many people returning, trusting us never to prescribe but to focus on helping them discover fragrances they really love.’

Charlotte Kelly, Brand Director

Boadicea the Victorious in Harrods

Five Proudest Moments

  1. The opening of Salon de Parfum Boadicea Boutique in Harrods 2019 felt like a milestone for the brand, creating a space for clients to immerse themselves in the world of Boadicea. 
  2. Forging a relationship with Emirates Airlines in 2020 and becoming one of its best-selling brands onboard, then seeing the brand when travelling. 
  3. The reactions and opinions that Boadicea generates – it really has the power to speak to people.
  4. The superb quality and longevity of our fragrances and how we continue to improve customer affinity with the brand – like the 2023 launch of the bottle configurator tool. 
  5. Seeing the team work with such pride, passion and desire for excellence – it’s intoxicating to be part of it.

Boadicea the Victorious perfume bottle surrounded by bouquets of flowers

What I’ve Learnt

  • To be Boadicea in everything that we do. To be bold, brave and dare to be different.
  • Never to compromise – regardless of situation – and to strive for the best.
  • To think outside of the lines and adopt a customer first approach.