Why Everyone Should Give Tapping a Go
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Why Everyone Should Give Tapping a Go

10 reasons to try the therapy everyone's talking about

Poppy Delbridge draws on her expertise as an Intuitive Success Coach, Energy Psychologist and Master Tapping Practitioner to transform the lives of her clients. Her unique rapid tapping method focuses on a sequence of meridian points on the face, body and hands using one or two fingers to balance activity between the sympathetic and parasympathetic regions of the brain. While tapping you talk through relevant affirmations, allowing you to reduce stress and negative emotions and create space for positive change.

10 Reasons To Try Tapping

1. It’s easy

Once you know how! You just have to learn the ropes, much like learning to drive. Then you can use it as a vehicle to take you to new places, like contentment, productivity and self-belief. Enabling you to experience a needleless acupuncture energy, the method focuses on gently creating a sequence of meridian points on the face, body and hands using your fingers, whilst saying specific phrases.

2. You can do it alone

Either working with a practitioner or using recorded routines, tapping is a solo practice, so you can totally tune into how you are feeling and what your body needs. The Possibility Club offers new monthly tapping routines and guided videos as well as live sessions with myself. You can also pick ‘core rapid tapping routines’ to tap away any ‘I can’t’ beliefs and tap into happier states such as self-worth or abundance.

3. It reduces pain

Tapping is proven to rapidly reduce body pain, with one study showing a reduction by up to 68%. It’s also been shown to provide instant relief from headaches, and tension.

4. It reduces stress, anxiety and depression

Clinical trials have shown that tapping has the power to reduce anxiety by up to 60%, signs of depression by 50% and blood cortisol by 43%. Studies have also shown that tapping can reduce stress more than traditional therapy or even taking a rest and it’s increasingly used by doctors, psychotherapists and medical professionals because of such radical effects.

5. It’s one of the safest therapies

Tapping is designed to deactivate the stress response in the amygdala (the part of the brain that drives the ‘fight or flight’ response). This is handy because you can approach topics you wouldn’t want to bring up in traditional ‘talking therapy’ in a calming way.

6. You can’t ‘over-tap’

Every tap contributes to rewiring your mindset into positivity. The more you tap, the more aspects you change, meaning repeated tapping anchors new (and more helpful) neural pathways over time. The Possibility Club invites you to unleash your manifestation potential with our new monthly club membership, where you can ‘tap along’ with myself and like minded people seeking access to more possibilities in life.

7. It boasts beauty benefits

Tapping increases our production of collagen, so you can expect brighter, more elastic skin with repeated use of the routines.

8. It’s rapid

Hence the ‘Rapid Tapping’ movement!  As a busy mother running businesses, I developed my unique Rapid Tapping® technique to clear embedded subconscious limitations in order to ‘tap’ into new possibilities. It enables you to transform emotional negativity and boost your mood in a matter of minutes. Good for when you don’t have time but want fast results that really work.

9. A-listers and CEOs are all doing it

From Tony Robbins to Oprah and Madonna. So you’re in good company!

10. It’s not just about the mind

Tapping isn’t just an emotional practice, it works by ‘shifting’ your stuck energy and allows this energy to flow again. This clarity of mind has an immediate effect on your overall health, wellbeing and positivity levels as it balances activity between the sympathetic  and parasympathetic regions of the brain, producing a neutral state of mind, often seen as the optimal state of wellbeing.

To find out more and see Poppy in action, join The Possibility Club, which gives you access to a monthly live ‘Tap Along’ with Poppy, a new recorded guided ‘Rapid Routine’ on a key theme, a real community by your side and access to a resource library of additional videos and audios for £37/month. poppydelbridge.com


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