Tatiana Korsakova On Her Skincare Brand, Scentiana
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Tatiana Korsakova On Her Skincare Brand, Scentiana

'My number one piece of advice would be to respect your body equally.'

We sit down with model and entrepreneur, Tatiana Korsakova, to talk about her new skincare label, Scentiana. 

When you’re on the go as much as Tatiana Korsakova – the model, philanthropist, entrepreneur and mother of three – moments where you can indulge in self-care become all the more important. Flexing her entrepreneurial muscles across multiple areas in the beauty, health and fashion industry, Tatiana has built herself an empire on the principles of self-care.

In 2017, Tatiana took on the athleisure trend and founded luxe brand VAARA (which has since been snapped up by Net-A-Porter), but this year she has turned her hand to skincare. As a firm believer in looking after all of our skin from top to bottom, Tatiana wanted to bring body care into the spotlight with her new brand, Scentiana. Created in collaboration with botanical expert and founder of ila, Denise Leicester, the new multi-sensory, inside out body care line promises to deeply hydrate, soothe and repair the skin.

We caught up with Tatiana to get the inside scoop on Scentiana and the importance of body care…

The following interview was originally published in February 2022

Q&A with Tatiana Korsakova, Founder of Scentiana

Tatiana Korsokova

Tatiana Korsokova

You’re an entrepreneur at heart, having founded VAARA and Scentiana. What drove you to take the step to launch a new brand?

What motivates me is to create special brands which meet a definite need in the market. If I can’t find something myself and I sense it would benefit others, then I begin to look into how we could best fill the gap. It also gives me the opportunity to create incredible, creative teams which inspire me daily. Who you surround yourself with is so important as that’s when the magic occurs. The pandemic really highlighted how important it is for us to feel good within our own skin, and as a result we started to embrace comfortable, beautifully made clothes and quality self-care products.

Tell us a bit about Scentiana – what should we be excited about?

The ingredients and formulas are exceptional. This really is skincare for the body, and it has not been done in this way before. Often, we neglect our bodies, and this is shown in the beauty industry as there is little for the body that really works. Body care is often an afterthought for beauty brands. Today women are really wanting to nurture themselves and are investing more in self-care. This new way of thinking lends itself well to having a daily body care ritual or routine.

Scentiana employs topicals to elevate our mood and transform the quality of our skin. The intelligent formulas combine precious stones, vitamins, homeopathic remedies and high grade aromatherapy, which creates smooth, silky skin and beautifully soft and healthy limbs.

Scentiana Replenishing Body Cream

Scentiana Replenishing Body Cream, £85, ila-spa.com

How important is the body when it comes to skincare? Is it as important as the face?

Our skin is our largest organ, and it does not make sense to separate the ‘face’ and ‘body’. I need to care for my face and body in the same way. By looking after our skin from head to toe we will get the most gorgeous quality that runs seamlessly from top to bottom and enhances our mood and spirit.

What was it like working with Denise Leicester, the founder of ila?

Denise is such a trailblazer and believer in really understanding how the body, skin, and emotions work and are connected. She does not separate these, and I feel this is truly fascinating and there is always a special thread of consciousness in all that she creates. This energy you can feel when you apply the Scentiana products. She is unafraid to experiment and push the boundaries to reveal exceptional, one-of-a-kind formulas. Her curious mind is constantly exploring – which is something I resonate with – so it’s a real partnership resulting in incredible things today and in the future.

What are some of the biggest misconceptions surrounding clean beauty?

I think there’s a lot of confusion surrounding clean beauty. Many assume it’s something pure and without synthetics, but this is not true. Clean beauty products contain a higher number of naturals, yes, but this is with some element of synthetics that are deemed safe for consumers. How ‘clean’ is clean depends on the integrity of each brand so consumers need to be aware of this.

Tatiana Korsakova

What’s your best beauty advice?

My number one piece of advice would be to respect your body equally. How we eat, think, feel, move and what we put onto and into our bodies mirrors how our skin appears.

What does your morning routine look like?

I always start my morning with a coconut oil pulling. After I brush my teeth, I have warm water with lemon, then I try to meditate for five minutes. I wish I had longer in the morning, but the school run often means I have little time! Just these few minutes allows me to frame my day properly and begin it mindfully.

What’s next for Tatiana Korsakova? Any new projects to look forward to?

I’m always creating but VAARA and Scentiana are my focus right now. Denise and I are also developing some beautiful body treatments which will allow us to showcase the Scentiana range, so our customers will have the opportunity to enjoy a full Scentiana experience and its skin benefits.

Find Tatiana Korsakova Online

Keep up to date with Tatiana on her Instagram account and her magazine, My Handbook. For more information about Scentiana, please visit ila-spa.com

Images courtesy of Tatiana Korsakova