The Whisper Pixie Is The New Short Hairstyle Salons Are Shouting About

By Charlie Colville

3 weeks ago

Make way for this modern take on the classic pixie

So, you liked the bob trend – but what about something shorter? If you’re ready to brave the salon scissors, then give the whisper pixie a go.

What Is A Whisper Pixie Haircut?

‘A whisper pixie is a short haircut; it’s like a pixie cut, but with more texture, especially through the fringe,’ explains George Newton-Beck, Stylist & Colourist at Blue Tit. ‘This gives a lot more movement to the haircut, combining a free-flowing feel but with an elegant classic look. We think the whisper pixie is becoming popular because it is a low maintenance cut in terms of styling, which is really appealing for everyday wear.’

@thehairbros Going Short by Roxy. Lived-in Pixie. The consultation – We wanted a short cut that is extremely low maintenance. With this style you can leave it to grow and you can enjoy all of the phases and within 3-4 months it will turn into more of a French bob vibe. #haircut #hairvideos #viral #transformation #thehairbros #trend #tiktok #cut #fyp ♬ 9PM in Shibuya – ADTurnUp

Like its fellow short hairstyle, the bob, pixie cuts are having quite the moment this year – especially on TikTok, where creators have created over 105 million posts on the topic. ‘It’s also being worn by a lot more celebrities and models as it can be a very flattering haircut for most face shapes,’ adds George. ‘The biggest name I’ve noticed take on the whisper pixie is the model Taylor Hill; this take on the haircut was based on the classic look worn by Audrey Hepburn, but with more of a modern twist.’

Who Suits This Cut?

Thankfully, the versatility of this cut means it can be tailored to most people. ‘This haircut works well with both straight and curly hair, but you may need to use products to give a controlled textured look,’ says George. ‘If you have thicker hair or curls, you’ll need lots more texture compared to if you have straight or fine hair. The whisper pixie works well with a slight wave as it gives you a natural textured feel without doing anything to your hair.’

How To Ask For A Whisper Pixie In The Salon (& What To Expect)

‘To ask for a whisper pixie in the salon, you need to have a good idea of how you want your haircut to look,’ advises George. ‘Discuss with your stylist how short you want to go, whether you’d like your fringe to sit above or below your eyebrows and if you want your hair to brush your ears or be shaped around them. It’s also worth talking about having texture put through your hair to give it that soft feathered feel around the edges. I would always recommend bringing inspiration pictures of haircuts similar that you do and don’t like; it’s good to go through and say what you don’t like about certain haircuts as this is the best way to personalise your whisper pixie to you and your needs.

‘There are several different ways this hairstyle can be created,’ he continues. ‘I would use lots of different slicing and texturising techniques – this could be created with either a razor or scissors.’

@bbheartburlyq one of my FAVORITE things to do is a big transformation and this did NOT dissapoint! this is graysen’s (she/her) first short hairstyle and i was so excited to receive her trust in this. as soon as we started taking length off we both forgot what she even looked like before 🤣. stick around for a second slick back look on this chic pixie! styled with @SKIMDO and @Oribe at homecoming salon nyc #shorthair #hairconsultation #bixie #pixiecut #90saesthetic #90shair #nychairstylist #nycsalon #salonsnearme #hairstylistnearme #haircuttransformation #hairstransformation ♬ original sound – blaire

How To Style A Whisper Pixie

Good news: the whisper pixie is incredibly low maintenance when it comes to styling. ‘It can take much less time to style compared to most haircuts,’ George confirms. ‘You can wash and let your hair dry naturally, but you can also use some texturising products like sea salt spray, curl cream (for curly hair) or a pomade or wax (for finer or straight hair). You don’t want to use too much product as the whole look is a light weight freely moving haircut and too much product could weigh your hair down.’

How To Maintain A Whisper Pixie

Since this is a shorter haircut, it will need a little more salon maintenance to keep its shape. ‘I would suggest going back going back every four to six weeks for a haircut,’ suggests George. ‘If you’re liking the shape of the haircut, but you feel the fringe is getting too long, you can also get a fringe trim just to top up the shape as you may feel you don’t need the full haircut.’

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