The Bixie Is The Next 90s Cut To Dominate 2024

By Charlie Colville

2 months ago

Short and sweet

If we could name one haircut that’s defining 2024, it would be the bob – including all of its many variations and styles. The latest to make waves this year is the bixie, a 90s style that’s experiencing a renaissance amongst Gen Z.

What Is A Bixie Cut?

‘The bixie, or bob-pixie, is a hybrid haircut that combines elements of a micro bob and a pixie cut,’ explains Michele Antiga, signature colourist and stylist at Gielly Green. ‘It’s a short style – although longer than a conventional pixie – with lots of textured layers towards the crown and fringe.’

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The trend, which is having a resurgence amongst Gen Z on TikTok, will be a bit more familiar to those who lived the 1990s – largely because it was one of the most popular haircuts of the decade. Made trendy by the likes of Drew Barrymore, Halle Berry and Wynona Ryder, the bixie was a 90s salon staple; and, like many other throwback haircuts (we’re looking at you, flicked bob), it’s now becoming one of the dominating hair trends of the year.

More recent wearers of the bixie cut include Florence Pugh, Gabrielle Union, Selma Blair, Viola Davis and Demi Lovato (to name a few), but – with the bob being so high in demand these days – we imagine that the haircut’s celebrity endorsement will only continue to grow. It’s already a hit on TikTok, with 128.5 million views linked to searches for #bixiehaircut, so it’s only a matter of time…

Who Suits This Haircut?

The myth that you have to have a certain look to pull of a short hairstyle is just that: a myth. ‘A bixie can be easily customised to any and all hair types, and can suit any age too,’ agrees Michele. The only thing to keep in mind before taking the leap is the level of maintenance and styling needed to keep your bixie looking how you want it to.

How To Ask For A Bixie Cut In The Salon

One of the most important things to do before getting the chop is setting up a consultation with your stylist, so that you can create a fully customised plan on how you want your bixie to look and how you can make changes in your routine to look after it. Remember, while not a pixie, this is a very short haircut and it can be a big change that might need some getting used to.

Ahead of you consultation, Michele recommends you ‘prepare a mood board to show your stylist, as this can narrow down the look you want and help the stylist put together ideas.’

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How To Style A Bixie Cut

Styling a bixie is all about putting your personal stamp on the hairstyle, meaning there isn’t one right way to style it. You can emphasise the texture of your hair, or wear it slicked back for a more sleek look. ‘For texture, you can either wear it air dried, use sea salt spray, or add wax – just play with it, really,’ recommends Michele. ‘It’s a fun yet sexy look. The wet, sleek version is great for summer too.’

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