Winter Hydration: How To Layer Your Skincare

Supercharge your Winter skin routine by adding in some hydrating layers….

Want to take your winter skincare to the next level? It’s all about layering your products for extra hydration and multiple complexion benefits. Nathalie Eleni brings you the best skincare heroes for layering.

How To Layer Your Skincare

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The Collagen Nurturing Serum with 2% Bakuchiol part of Arbonne’s brand new AgeWell collection, £57,  arbonne.com

Formulated with a concentration of 2% Bakuchiol, Arbonne’s new Collagen Nurturing Serum harnesses the hero ingredient to target fine lines and wrinkles, visibly reducing the signs of ageing. Plant Stem Cell Extract is used to improve elasticity, firmness and texture. It’s a beautiful lightweight serum that sinks into your skin without leaving a residue so can slot perfectly into an existing routine to up your skin care game.

FOREO UFO Cannabis Seed Oil Mask

FOREO’s Cannabis Seed Oil Mask, £18.99 for a box of 6, foreo.com

For the many Foreo fans out there, you will love this new addition to use with your UFO or UFO 2. Infused with Cannabis Sativa Oil, Chamomile and Magnesium, to sooth and hydrate skin and help calm your mind. Use before bed then layer your night cream over the top for a wondrous skin treat. contains 210mg of Cannabis Seed Oil, making it one of the strongest cannabis masks of its kind.

Anti-Fatigue Carrot Algae Marine Drops Facial Serum-in-Oil

Anti-Fatigue Carrot Algae Marine Drops Facial Serum-in-Oil, £45, beautycleanseskincare.com

This beautiful, organic and cruelty free Facial Serum-in-Oil is an easy and effective way to get a light layer of skin boosting goodness into the skin with minimal effort! Combining modern biotechnology with nature’s high-performance & regenerating plant oils to strengthen skin’s resilience to modern lifestyle stressors of ‘fatigue’ and ‘inner-stress’. Designed for face, under-eyes, neck and face massage, it’s a multi use product that can be used to add hydration where ever it’s needed.

Crème Rescue Serum

Crème Rescue Serum, £60, cremerescue.co.uk

Originally designed as a specialist aftercare product to soothe the skin and accelerate the healing process following Permanent Makeup and aesthetic treatments. However, amazing skin results achieved after a month of application prompted Tracie Giles and her daughter Charlotte to work with a team of biochemists to further develop Crème Rescue to super charge it’s healing benefits. Described as “transformative” by one frontline ICU doctor who used it to help skin from the effects of PPE, this is a gorgeous soothing product for seriously stressed skins, those that suffer from rosacea or in need of a nurturing treat.

Osmosis Skincare Stemfactor Growth Factor Serum

Osmosis Skincare Stemfactor Growth Factor Serum, £121.50, skincity.co.uk

A super serum that delivers over 600 growth factors and skin proteins, derived from adult stem cells, which are easily recognised by the skin. Helps to repair by increasing collagen and elastin production. Pop it on before your day or night cream for maximum rejuvenation.

NeoStrata Skin Active Tri-Therapy Lifting Serum

NeoStrata Skin Active Tri-Therapy Lifting Serum, £77, dermacaredirect.co.uk

A clever 3D volumizer that helps to fight the loss of firmness and target skin tone and texture. Think of it as Spanx for your skin! With a one of a kind patented amino acid complex, this formula penetrates deeply into the skin and targets the skin matrix.

ZO Skin Health Hydrating Crème

ZO Skin Health Hydrating Crème, £105, zo-skinhealth.co.uk

The ultimate soothing cream for incredibly sensitised skins that will temporarily relieve the  symptoms of severely dry skin while calming and replenishing. Handy to have in your beauty cupboard for times of need.

Oio Lab Aquasphere Multi-Dimensional Hydrating Facial Serum

Oio Lab Aquasphere Multi-Dimensional Hydrating Facial Serum, £49, wolfandbadger.com

Does what it says on the (sustainable) box. Apply this multi-level, concentrated and hydrating serum to skin am and pm and let the five forms of hyaluronic acid compounds, active plant substances super charge your skin.

Skin Ceuticals Tripeptide-R Neck Repair

Skin Ceuticals Tripeptide-R Neck Repair, £110, skinceuticals.co.uk

Don’t forget your neck! Slather on this high-performance, corrective retinol cream that’s clinically proven to target visible neck ageing.

Lily and Loaf Bedtime Revitalising Cream with Hyaluronic Acid (Organic)

Lily and Loaf Bedtime Revitalising Cream with Hyaluronic Acid (Organic), £28.95, lilyandloafinternational.com

A tradition, rich and deadly nourishing night cream with Shea butter, coconut  and evening primrose oil for a comforting treat whilst you sleep.


The Pill - The Nue Co

The Pill – The Nue Co, £65, net-a-porter.com

For lacklustre skin that is perhaps in need of some gentle buffing, add in this serum ‘supplement’ to your night time routine. Formulated with layers of actives and acids, including complex AHAs, Hyaluronic Acid and the K-Beauty hero Tiger Grass, it will do all the hard work whilst you sleep.


CBD Hydrating Daily Face Cream 300mg, 75ml

CBD Hydrating Daily Face Cream 300mg, £40, dragonflycbd.com

CBD has a wonderful healing, soothing and anti-ageing effect on the skin. But not all CBD is equal! Leaders in Organic CBD production, Dragonfly CBD is designed to provide the best CBD available with expert farmers and scientists develop CBD from seed to shelf, combining the finest organically grown Cannabis Sativa L to provide superior benefits. Apply Dragonfly CBD Hydrating Face Cream either day or night (or both!) to repair and  protect your skin whilst you sleep.

Featured Image: Photo by Humphrey Muleba on Unsplash


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