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DIY Facial: Try This Facial Yoga For An At-Home Skin Fix

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Missing your regular facial treatments? Try Luminous Facial Yoga

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If you’re missing your regular spa treatments and just about ready to give a DIY facial a go, we have got just the thing for you. Invasive and procedural treatments are off the table for now, so how about educating yourself in the art of facial yoga? With the aim of toning the 57 muscles in your face a neck, when done correctly, facial yoga can lead to a more toned complexion, with the added benefit of de-stressing the body and mind.

Luminous Facial Yoga

With the intention of lifting, sculpting and tightening, the techniques combine exercises, facial massage, acupressure and facial relaxation for anti-ageing and relaxation benefits. Luminous Facial Yoga, founded by sisters Camilla and Philippa, is an annual subscription service, with a site full of video tutorials and live sessions to help you master the skills from home.

So, if you’ve been spending lockdown doing sit-ups, running and participating in Zoom yoga sessions, it might be worth considering a workout for your face, particularly if you’re frowning at your screen more hours than ever before.

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To give you an idea and get you started, Camilla and Philippa at Luminous Yoga have shared a video of one of their facial exercises, titled The Owl. This is an exercise to firm up and tighten your forehead, which involves cupping the eye and cheek area while opening eyes wide, to help strengthen and tone that forehead area. Give it a watch below.


On the members pages online there are dozens of exercises and routines like this one to guide you through a full DIY facial routine. You can find out more at luminous-london.com

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