Unveiling The Extraordinary: What Makes The Perfect Piece Of Diamond Jewellery?

By Charlie Colville

4 weeks ago

Luxury jewellery house De Beers Jewellers takes us behind the scenes

What comes to mind when we say ‘luxury’? For us, it’s diamonds – and no one does diamonds quite like De Beers Jewellers. The house is a world leader in luxury diamond jewellery, with over 135 years of expertise in sourcing, cutting and polishing the most stunning diamonds. But the journey from rough stone to polished diamond is not an easy one; as the jewellery house knows, it takes exceptional craftsmanship to create a work of art. But, thankfully, the process won’t be left to the imagination for long, as De Beers has opened its doors to give us a glimpse of what goes into the creation of its diamond jewellery.

Diamonds At De Beers: The Art Of Diamond Jewellery Creation

It’s not everyday you get to go behind the scenes of one of the world’s biggest diamond jewellery house – but De Beers is set to change that with its latest campaign, Unveiling the Extraordinary: The Art of Diamond Jewellery Creation. A story in six parts, it details the end-to-end creative journey of De Beers diamond jewellery.

‘As the leader in diamond jewellery, we are in a unique and privileged position to guide the entire journey of our jewellery, from the moment a rough diamond is unearthed, to the moment a future heirloom is unwrapped,’ says CEO of De Beers Jewellers, Céline Assimon. ‘We are proud to discover and select the Earth’s most bewitchingly beautiful diamonds, unleash their brilliant potential, and design and craft pieces of jewellery which become part of our clients’ life stories… It is an honour to pull back the curtain and share this incredible journey with our clients and friends.’

Unveiling The Extraordinary

The journey of any De Beers diamond begins with ethical and sustainable sourcing, made possible by the house’s direct connection to four producing countries: Botswana, Canada, Namibia and South Africa. Working with an appreciation of the local communities that make this step possible, De Beers continues to invest in its ongoing Building Forever initiative – through which it engages in ways to strengthen economies, protect wildlife and preserve natural environments.

Stones unearthed, it’s up to the De Beers team to select the best diamonds. Chosen by eye, the house’s experts look beyond the four Cs – colour, clarity, cut and carat weight – to the deeper details, searching for the visual components that make the stone a stand out. As they have access to a spectrum of white diamonds, from D to Z, De Beers also takes pride in specialising in unique coloured diamonds.

A diamond held in tweezers

The next step of the process sits in the capable hands of De Beers Jewellers’ master diamantaires. Under their watch, rough diamonds transform into polished gems, using a combination of generations-old skills, cutting-edge technology and expert intuition. Shoppers can rest assured that they will be investing in nothing short of brilliance; with the industry’s highest standards for diamond quality and cut, prioritising brilliance over size, De Beers’ diamond jewellery is (quite literally) a cut above the rest.

De Beers also takes pride in its flair for bold, sophisticated jewellery design. The 23-year-old jewellery house uses its historic diamond expertise to its advantage, offering fresh creative takes on classical jewellery themes – with nature as its central muse. This is showcased in some of the house’s iconic designs, like Enchanted Lotus, Talisman and Portraits of Nature, which pay homage to the natural world in a series of clean lines, sweeping silhouettes and graceful shapes.

Drawing of yellow stones in ring

Designs are made a reality in the De Beers atelier, where the house’s master craftspeople create wearable works of art that amplify the brilliance of each diamond. The final jewellery pieces minimise metal in favour of letting hero gems shine, filtering in light for all angles to ensure a continuous sparkle.

The final step sits with the clients themselves. Each De Beers diamond jewellery piece is designed to be a future heirloom – one that will be loved for generations to come. Marking milestones, preserving memories and empowering its wearers, this is jewellery that defines a legacy in sophisticated radiance.

Ring being buffed

Diamonds In Focus: The DB Classic Ring

A design that perfectly demonstrates De Beers’ involvement in every stage of the diamond jewellery journey is the DB Classic Ring. It sports an 11.65 carat Fancy Intense yellow cushion-cut diamond from the Natural Works of Art collection, which started off as an 18.96 carat rough diamond sourced from Namibia. The stone was chosen for its stunning quality, colour and transparency – all of which were brought to brilliance by the house’s diamantaires.

You can explore the Natural Works of Art collection at debeers.co.uk

Woman wearing diamond jewellery


De Beers diamond jewellery is available in more than 30 stores worldwide, as well as online. You can also book an appointment (both in-person and virtual) with De Beers to discover more about the house’s luxury diamond jewellery here.


Images courtesy of De Beers