Dress Your Age & Pull Your Socks Up?

By Olivia Emily

8 months ago

Are your socks ageing you?

This news has knocked our socks off. An Australian podcaster has kicked up an internet storm by saying she can tell what generation people are just by looking at their feet. So, are your feet betraying your age?

Sock Style: Gen Z Vs. Millennials

What is your sock of choice? My go-to is an M&S number: what the high street retailer calls an ‘anklet’, hitting my lower calf and decorated with a coloured, sporty stripe. According to Australian podcaster Phoebe Parsons, it makes sense that I like my socks to climb my calf and tower over the lip of my trainers for all to see. I am a Gen Z, after all.

Phoebe has caused quite the stir on the internet today, thanks to a TikTok explaining the amusing difference she has spotted between Gen Z and Millennials: how we wear our socks.

‘This is exactly how I can tell the difference between a Millennial and a Gen Z just by looking at their feet,’ Phoebe declares on TikTok. ‘Are their socks up? Or are they wearing hidden ankle socks? Because Gen Zs exclusively wear their socks up and Millennials still wear ankle socks. ‘I’m a Millennial!’ she exclaims, showing the camera her foot with invisible socks in a trainer. She’s received a mixed response.

@phoebeacp This is exactly how to tell the difference between a millennial and gen z just by looking at their feet #millennial #genz ♬ original sound – Phoebe Parsons

‘It’s a weird turnaround,’ one person comments. ‘As a millennial we were told that’s what old people do.’

‘If they’d been as aggressively bullied over the smallest hint of sock as we were, they’d never dare,’ another adds.

‘My face tells everyone I’m a 40 yr old Millennial… no one is gonna be fooled by my sock choice,’ another commenter jokes.

So, should Phoebe put a sock in it? We think she may be onto something… In the meantime, here are some cosy cashmere socks to see you through the winter.