The Cosiest Cashmere Socks For Winter

By Charlie Colville

6 months ago

Treat your feet

Frosty days and dark evenings are upon us, making us crave those cosy nights in, bundled up in front of the fire with a book in hand. As you get layered up for winter, make sure you keep your feet in mind. While this is the season of booties and slippers (leave any and all outdoorsy footwear at the front door, please), we’re all about the socks. Cashmere socks, to be specific. They’re quite simply the ultimate pick-me-up on cold nights. Get your hands on a pair before winter well and truly settles. From Brodie, TOAST and Johnstons of Elgin to a cosy collaboration between Joshua Ellis and Rosie Sugden, these are the socks you’ll want to slip your feet into pronto.

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The Best Cashmere Socks For Winter 2024

Close up of feet in yellow socks on green velvet cushions

Featured image: Getty Images