This British Beach Gets The Least Rain Every Year
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This British Beach Gets The Least Rain Every Year

If the British weather is putting you off planning your perfect summer seaside staycation, we have some good news for you. While the UK is indisputably rain-prone, some spots are better at staying dry than others. So, if soggy sarnies don’t appeal, we’ve got the inside scoop on the driest beaches in the country. Clue: none of them are in Scotland.

The Driest British Beaches To Visit This Summer

Never does the BBC weather site get more action than when staycation season is approaching. Will you get to enjoy some beach time, or will the local leisure centre and the town’s tiny museums and cafes be crammed full of grumpy families toting sodden umbrellas? If you are beach bound this season and heading to the South Coast, you may be in luck. According to new research from Parkdean Resorts, four of the five driest beaches in the UK are located on England’s South Coast, and Kent is home to the beach that gets the least rain every year.

Botany Bay, Kent

Botany Bay in Kent receives an average of 58 rainy days a year, making it the driest beach in the UK. We’ve done the maths and this is still an average of one rainy day in every six, although only 18 rainy days are expected between May and September. Botany Bay also made it into our edit of the best UK beaches, so it should be top of your list.

Severn Beach, Bristol

Head west to Severn Beach in Bristol for the second driest beach in the country, with an average of 62 rainy days a year. An average of 21 of those rainy days fall within the summer months. While you’re in town, check out some of these foodie hotspots from our edit of the best places to eat in Bristol.

Eastbourne Beach, Eastbourne

Eastbourne Beach averages 63 rainy days a year, 19 of which can be expected in the summer months, making it one of the driest British beaches. If you miss out on the summer action, autumn is also a great time to visit Eastbourne. Find out more in our guide of the best places to visit in the UK in autumn.

Kimmeridge Bay, Dorset

Kimmeridge Bay in Dorset has an average of 64 rainy days a year, with 21 of those in the summer months, making it one of the driest British beaches. We love this eco retreat in Dorset, which is around a 40-minute journey from Kimmeridge Bay.

Lulworth Cove, Weymouth

The fifth-least rainy UK beach in the UK is Lulworth Cove in Weymouth, with an average of 64 rainy days a year, 21 of which fall between May and September. There might be less rain at Lulworth Cove than other beaches, but with Durdle Door pulling the crowds, there are usually more people, so plan to arrive early to ensure your spot in the car park and on the beach, which is one of the most beautiful in the world.

And the rainiest beach in the UK is…

Luskentyre Beach, Stornoway

No surprises that Scotland is home to the rainiest beach in the UK. With Luskentyre Beach in the Scottish town Stornoway averaging around 125 wet days per year there is more than a one in three chance of visiting on a rainy day.


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