What Is Sleep Tourism?

By Martha Davies

12 months ago

Jet off so you can nod off

While some eager travellers might dream of an action-packed city break or an adventure-filled getaway, there’s a new travel trend on the rise: sleep tourism. If lounging by the pool and catching up on beauty sleep is at the top of your holiday itinerary, this is for you.

What Is Sleep Tourism?

Brunette woman sleeping with beige pillow and white duvet

Would you travel the world in search of a good night’s sleep? It’s certainly a valid endeavour – in fact, more and more holidaymakers are searching not for dizzying thrills and jam-packed culture trips, but simply for a luxurious place to lay their heads. 

What Is It?

Sleep tourism is a travel trend rooted in the desire to tune out of busy schedules, day-to-day responsibilities, and even the familiar pressure of ‘doing it all’ on holiday. Now, it’s all about doing nothing: simply check in and try your best to drift off. But where can you go to find the best (and most restful) experience?

Where To Go For A Sleeping Holiday

Many hotels are catching onto sleep tourism, offering an array of tempting services designed to give guests an unparalleled night’s sleep.

Zedwell Hotel, London

Head to Zedwell Hotel in Piccadilly Circus and you can enjoy soundproof ‘cocoon’ rooms free of pesky technological distractions like TVs and other electronics. (Zedwell’s Tottenham Court Road outpost is located underground, so you can truly shut off from the hustle and bustle of the city.)

Park Hyatt Hotel, NYC

At Park Hyatt Hotel in New York City, meanwhile, you can expect a state-of-the-art ‘sleep suite’ boasting sleep masks, an essential oil diffuser and books on sleep science, as well as an AI-powered bed featuring a unique multisensory relaxation and wellness experience and a mattress which adjusts to your body pressure throughout your sleep cycle. 

Sleep Retreats

If AI-assisted sleep isn’t your thing, however, sleep retreats are also becoming increasingly popular: a number of spas and wellness retreats offer sleep-focused programmes that support participants struggling with insomnia or simply looking to improve their sleep schedules. Through meditation, exercise plans and nutritional consultations, you can come away armed with the tools you need to transform your sleep.

Feeling inspired? Next time you book a holiday, why not sink into a sumptuous hotel bed and try sleep tourism for yourself?